Michael Douglas & Carys: Snowy Stroll

Michael Douglas & Carys: Snowy Stroll

Academy Award-winning actor Michael Douglas was photographed walking with his 7-year-old daughter Carys in New York City today (January 25).

The father-daughter duo shared some smiles as they headed to school on a snowy Tuesday morning.

The Wall Street star, who is married to fellow actor Catherine Zeta-Jones, recently opened up about his battle with cancer.

Tumor’s gone,” he said. “This type of cancer doesn’t usually come back. I have to check in every month but I’m so happy to be out… Being able to come to this thing cancer-free is pretty special.”

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Photo credit: INFdaily.com

  • Winter Baby

    Wow Carys looks just like Michael. They look happier but where is the 10 year old boy ? Wouldn’t the kids share a school ? (And I am surprised Oscar snubbed Michael, because Golden Globes did not. Pooh. Sorry, Michael).

  • Anonymous

    I never see pictures of him and Dylan only the daughter.

  • Anna

    They said Dylan goes to a special school because of some issues. Maybe he is picked up by bus to go to that school.

  • Winter Baby

    OK. You know, Carys seems 7 going on 12 so well-behaved and mature . I am sorry their son has issues. I hope not serious ones. I love this family because their kids are so down to earth and Catherine is such a good Mom !

  • Anonymous

    It is easy for Catherine, Michael is a doting father who has learned from his earlier mistakes. The second wife is the lucky recipient, while the first wife and son were the experimental guinea pigs.

  • Kojack104

    Ton’s more precious and way lovlier than the Prince’s teddy bear that he still hold’s so very very close to his highness, bless his lover doll, royal heart !

  • Shirl

    Stands back from the keboyard in amazement! Thanks!

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