Kate Hudson: “I’m Pregnant, And I’m Really Sick”

Kate Hudson: "I'm Pregnant, And I'm Really Sick"

Expectant mom Kate Hudson showed off her growing bump today as she stepped out to do a bit of furniture shopping in Paris, France with her parents Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell (January 28). She looks wonderful!

In a new interview with The Times, the 31-year-old actress talks about keeping her pregnancy a secret even from her friends.

“I’m pregnant, and I’m really sick. But I couldn’t say that because you really want to keep it as quiet as you can for the first trimester,” says Kate, who is also mom to 7-year-old son Ryder. “My friends all thought I was depressed because I wouldn’t leave the house. But I didn’t want anyone to know for a long time. I was just hoping that all of a sudden, I could show up somewhere with a big belly.”

The Almost Famous star adds that “pregnancy brain” has officially struck, admitting, “I babble a lot. I forget words, and how to put sentences together. I just give up.”

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  • klutzy_girl

    I love this entire family! And Kate looks good.

  • Anonymous

    Goldie is great. Kate is a wannabe, who has no claim to fame of her own and has stolen her whole moms goofy sexy act

  • mary elisabeth

    so what There are a lot of actors and singers who got their start because of a famous parent. Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, Miguel Ferrer, Charlie Sheen, Michael Douglas, Drew Barrymore, Jane Fonda, Gwyneth Paltrow, Bridiget Fonda, Jennifer Aniston, Whitney Houston, Miley Cyrus, etc.

    • Anonymous85

      All have one thing Kate lacks….talent.

      Plus the others all carved out separate identities from their famous parents. Kate just mimics Goldie.

      Btw- to the poster who said Kurt russell isn’t her “father”, believe me just because someone donated their sperm does not make you a father. Kurt has been more of a man to her than her biological father ever was. If I were Kate, as much as I do not like her, I would do exactly what she does by acknowledging Kurt.

      • Anonymous

        Wha you’re saying is ridiculous. In Europe many people are not even aware that KHudson a GHawn are related, because Kate made a name of her own.

        • Anon

          Not too ridiculous. I live in the uk and I only know of her as Goldie hawns daughter

  • Anonymous

    It says she was out with her parents Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. Kurt Russell is not one of her parents. He’s not her father or a stepfather. He’s her mother’s boyfriend.

    • klutzy_girl

      Kate (and her brother Oliver) both refer to Kurt as their father! Kurt considers them his kids. Their biological father has not been involved in their life, and Kurt’s raised them since Kate was a baby.

      He is their father in every way that matters.

  • Anonymous

    Goldie looks wonderful! Kate is a pig who happened to have an accidental pregnancy! I feel so sorry for her son!

  • Anonymous

    So now Ryder will have two siblings, one from his dad and another one from his mom, i mean good lord, talk about modern family. Maybe they will all share a big meal for Christmas. Only in Hollywood.

    • klutzy_girl

      Yes, because clearly only in Hollywood can you have half-siblings from both your parents. That never happens everywhere in the world! Why, the shock from this situation! It’s a once in a lifetime experience!

    • Anonymous

      What a weird comment… Half-siblings isn’t some hollywood phenomenon.

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