Jon & Kate Gosselin Hope Expelled Kids Can Return To School

Jon & Kate Gosselin Hope Expelled Kids Can Return To School

Jon and Kate Gosselin are both hoping that their kids Alexis and Collin, 6, can return to school in the fall after being expelled last year. The youngsters have reportedly made great progress since being home schooled, and even Jon is admitting that Kate, with whom he has battled publicly since their split, has done a good job in getting them back on track.

“Kate is very proud of the way the home schooling has gone – both Alexis and Collin are arguing less with their siblings and they really understand what they did was wrong in the past,” a source told RadarOnline. “Jon is also pleased with what Kate has done to get the kids back on track academically – he would love for them to go back to school with the rest of the kids.”

“He’s really happy with the progress that both Alexis and Collin have made and feels that they are better behaved in public now and are more responsible with doing chores and tasks around the house too.”

Although Kate denied that Alexis and Collin were expelled from their private Pennsylvania school, it was alleged that the two physically harmed an adult and were abusive to other children which prompted administrators to expel them.

Both Alexis and Collin received three weeks of intensive special treatment but it remains to be seen if their former school will allow them to return to classes in September.

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  • Victoria

    I’m sorry but I don’t believe “Sources”.

  • Anonymous

    If the kids were expelled for being violent I don’t think I would want them back in my child’s classroom!!! Think of the other children who have a right to feel safe at school. I hope the administration doesn’t cave to celebrity.

  • Maggie

    I do not agree with the attention and exposure she put her kids through. However I am not sure why she is always the one condemned by other mothers and the media.

    Her husband was the one who strayed and then never went to get a serious job. Because she is a single mom now she has to raise 8 kids. He obviously shows no signs of growing up, so she is caught up in a vicious cycle.

    Of course her kids are going to act out. I think they should be home schooled, but again I wish that people would lay off of Kate.

    She has made these choices yes, but it does not negate the fact that her kids are her top priority

  • Anonymous

    Maggie Jon quit his job to stay home and take care of the kids so Kate could travel for her book tour before they split and who knows if he’s working or not. People give Jon just as must crap when he opens his mouth you shoud read the posts; it’s just right now he smart enough to keep quiet and away from the media. The only reason why people give Kate so much crap is because she fame whore who pimps out her kids to keep up her life style and let’s face i t Kate is not raising 8 kids the help is.

  • Tara

    I agree with Maggie.. Kate has her problems and faults. But Jon never seemed to mind “exploiting” the kids and living off of their fame, until he was shown to be less than credible.

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