Emma Bunton Is Expecting A Boy!

Emma Bunton Is Expecting A Boy!

Emma Bunton‘s son Beau will soon have a new baby brother!

The expectant mom shared the news on her Heart 106.2 London radio show last night that she and her partner Jade Jones are expecting a boy!

The former Spice Girl, who announced her second pregnancy in the fall, Tweeted this week that baby brain has officially struck:

Got mummy brain, left the house about 3 times! Have to keep going back because I’ve forgotten bits I need!!!”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin


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  1. Anonymous

    That’s nice but I was hoping she would have a little bitty Spice Girl.

  2. Giuliana

    Awwww I’m soo happy for them!! A little girl would be cool, but a boy is wonderful too!


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