Kendra Wilkinson & The Baskett Boys

Kendra Wilkinson & The Baskett Boys

Say cheese, baby Hank!

The always adorable 1-year-old posed for a few pics as he hit the park in Encino, California with his parents Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett yesterday (February 5).

The reality star recently talked to FOX about how she went from Hugh Hefner’s “brash, booze-lovin’ number three girlfriend” to a proud wife and mama.

“Everything happened in the exact perfect timing I wanted. Living in the mansion was in my late teens and early 20’s and that was where my life was then and I thank Hef. He’s the one that opened the door for me and the life I have now,” Kendra says. “But now I’m 25, I have a husband and child and I needed that. I was over the party thing, that just gets so old, and I needed that (faith.) This is my life now, this is what makes me happy. Waking up to my partner everyday is so amazing, and of course, our son. But Hank and I know how to be husband and wife, not just mommy and daddy.”

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  • caitlin

    baby hank is so adorable.

  • Tere

    I love how the parents are dressed appropiatly unlike kourtney and scott who go to the park overdressed and baby Hank is adorable!!

    • LaKesha

      So now even parents have to be dressed appropriately for the park? Seriously?

      • Tere

        Well at least she goes to the park for her son kourtney puts on a show all the time!!

    • Anna

      How is this appropriate? I don’t know anyone that would leave the house in an outfit like that, it looks like pyjamas.

  • P!nk

    This kid is beyond adorable!

  • kate

    cute kid – i’m sure he’ll appreciate all those dirty tapes his lovely mother made – NOT.

    • RL

      she appears to be a very good mother and thats the most important thing. everybody has a past

      • Victoria

        Exactly RL and no one should sit on their high horse like they don’t or say well at least I didn’t… Know one is perfect so don’t judge. Kids except their parents and love them for who they are. Not to mention Kendra’s sex tape didn’t get as much press, yes it had it’s moment but it blew over.

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