Camila Alves & Her Brentwood Babe

Camila Alves & Her Brentwood Babe

Look over there, ma!

Brazilian beauty Camila Alves was photographed with her daughter Vida and a friend at the Brentwood Country Mart in Brentwood, Calif. on Monday (February 7). The adorable 1-year-old tot pointed to the paparazzi while mom toted her sweet girl.

We just spotted papa Matthew McConaughey and big brother Levi, 2, out for a morning stroll last weekend.

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. andreea

    i really like this woman and her kids. only good words about her :)

  2. Diva-Mommy

    I soo think Camilla is pregnant again, cant wait until they confirm it. The pictures show a small bump.

  3. Anonymous

    Ow, there is nothing of Matthew in little Vida not even a little bit.

  4. Rios

    Vida looks exactly like her Afro-Brazilian grandfather! It is amazing how she skipped a generation but it happens.

  5. olia

    Hello girls!;) Camila looks stunning. This little girl is incredible cute! I love how Vida’s shoes suit Camila’s outfit!

  6. Anonymous

    I hope she is able to save and print those picture out for her own album. There are some great family shots of them and the little ones. Wish I had my own photographer who followed me around :) Camila looks great but always serious! When she was younger, she was always smiling. Babies are adorable. I hope they stay together!!! Wish them all the best. Serbian girl

  7. Bobbie

    Vida looks like Levi…….Camila and her kids are adorable!!

  8. Anonymous56

    gorgeous brown skin….yeah god given

  9. Lauren

    What’s wrong with her legs….bruises and brown spots all over. Gross.

  10. Anonymous

    What’s so wrong with “African Features”? I think that lil’ Vida is adorable. And Camila’s “Afro-Brazilian” features and coloring are a major part of what attracted Matthew to her in the first place. Also…. just how many not-so-dark people around the world spend hours laying out in the sun, or in tanning beds attempting to acheive Vida and Camilla’s GOD given (gorgeous) brown skin?! You sound like a jealous racist!


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