Victoria Beckham Debuts Her Baby Bump

Victoria Beckham Debuts Her Baby Bump

Baby bump watch!

Looking stylish in studded stilettos, expectant mom Victoria Beckham debuted her barely-there baby bump while walking through Heathrow Airport in London, England on Tuesday (February 8).

Reportedly, Vicki and her hunky hubby, football star David Beckham, will be welcoming a baby girl this summer.

The longtime couple are already parents to three boys: Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, 8, and Cruz, 6 this month. According to The Sun, Victoria had a 4D scan at private hospital where doctors were able to confirm that another Spice Girl is due to arrive this summer.

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  • Anonymous

    she looks the same well maybe her skin is different less orange more natural. Can’t see her bump yet.

    • Victoria

      Her skin actually lost it’s orangeness a about 2 years ago when she stopped fake tanning. Now if she looks orange at all it’s because she’s had too much sun, now that they’re living in LA. But I love her without the fake tan, she looks so much better.

  • Lya

    She looks great! I just don’t know how she walks in those shoes though!

    • Tara

      I loooove her shoes, but agree completely. When I was 4 months pregnant I would have tipped over.

  • HLB

    Trying really hard but I just can’t see it!

  • Anonymous

    Can we please stop using that stupid “debuts her bump” headline? She is not debuting anything, she’s merely walking through an airport. She presumably didn’t invite the paps to take pictures of her. If she’d held a party so everyone could come see her new, pregnant stomach, it might be appropriate, but otherwise it’s just obnoxious and nonsensical. Yet we get this headline for every celebrity the first time they happen to get photographed after announcing a pregnancy.

    • Anonymous

      “Can we please stop using that stupid “debuts her bump” headline? She is not debuting anything, she’s merely walking through an airport.”

      Well said ( plus I don’t a bump, I swear)

  • Anonymous

    She looks great so far!

  • Helene78

    Can we just stop using the word “bump” as a whole? It’s horrible. The first time I heard it was when I lived in the UK. When I was pregnant someone said ” your bump is tiny”. I thought they were referring to my backside and thought “well thanks”

    At least it wasn’t as embarrassing as misusing the word “fanny” to a colleague
    that backed into me by mistake;)

    • Anonymous

      Yes, thank you. It’s such a horrible term.

  • Anonymous

    I really hope she’s having a girl. After three boys, it would be damn time! that girl would also be the most spoiled little girl in the world!

  • Anonymous

    Victoria looks healthy that’s the main thing. But pregnant or not, those heels would get me tipping over in a flash!
    future celebrity gossip dot com said way back in december that she was going to get pregnant and have a girl.
    I have already seen quite a few of their stories come right, so maybe they will be having a girl this time.
    Let just hope that what ever they have all are healthy and surrounded with love.
    Good luck to them all.

    • vikki-rocks

      yeah i read that too! they also announced Alanis’s baby too.
      i love the Beckham’s so i’ve got my money on a girl for them.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to know where she got her heels, I want a pair! :)

    • Tara

      They are louboutins, fall 2010 and cost $1100. Net a porter used to sel them. I am obsessed with his shoes that’s the only reason I know:)

  • Anonymous

    thanks .

  • Anonymous

    looks like christian louboutin pumps 😀 … ♄ them …
    (but pregnancy + pumps/high heels = i don’t like)

  • Diva-Mommy

    Wow she doesnt seem to be showing. I was showing so early with number 2, I assumed with her being pregnant to number 4 it would show right away.

    I hope shes eating well, love the shoes but dont think its right to wear pumps whilst pregnant.

  • Anonymous

    She isn’t showing because of her shirt. You could see a small bump in November but she’s been wearing coats and shirts like this one a lot lately so you can’t see the bump. But yeah it’s awesome she’s pregnant again! The baby will be just as cute as his or her brothers!

  • Anonymous

    What bump where is it get eating

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