Camila Alves & Her Valentines

Camila Alves & Her Valentines

Camila Alves had her two sweethearts with her as she headed out in Malibu, California this morning (February 14). Adding a festive Valentine’s Day touch, all three were wearing bits of red. Love Vida‘s little headband!

The model mama recently commented that her 2-year-old son Levi is the true trendsetter in the family:

“I’ve got all these people that are fans of my son’s style. And I’m like “What?!” I didn’t know this because we don’t follow that stuff,” Camila tells PopEater. “He gets more fashion spreads than me and Matthew together.”

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • avery

    baby vida is beautiful

  • D

    so cute!!!!I wonder if she got that fab jacket in NY while she was there promoting her bags.

  • Anonymous

    gorgeous, all of them :o)

  • Angela

    She never smiles!

  • JMO

    Levi’s twin!! Wow this is the first time I think they look so much alike! And Levi’s getting so big. Such cute babies!

  • tkwe

    actually, Levi is tiny for his age. Both are cute, but Vida is… WOW :))

    • Anonymous

      levi is NOT tiny, he is 2 year old and looks quite big actually.

  • olivia

    They all look so cute.. really sweet family!
    Levi is not tiny!

  • Sophia

    Vida is sooo beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    I agree in my opinion levi does seem ttiny in my opinion i don’t why but he does seem tiny. Also Camilia Alves never does smile i’ve noticed that as well as someone else pointed out, neither does Matthew Mcconaughey. In fact they look look like they’re suffering from deppression or something. Anyways their kids Levi and Vida look more like the mother than the father, which is what makes them cute!

  • Angela

    I suggest you get treatment for your anger issues. And YES, when my son was a baby, I smiled most of the time when I was with him.

  • vivien leigh

    Of course not. No photoshooting, ur right,its the real, real life. So. All we are sayin is: she NEVER smiles. Got it, dude?

  • Anonymous

    Who’s angry? You seem like you’re projecting. And you might do well to learn that your experience isn’t universal, and when people don’t do things exactly the way you do, there’s nothing wrong with it.

  • vivien leigh

    all we are saying is: she never smiles. Got it, dude?

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