Tweets From The Hollywood Nest

Tweets From The Hollywood Nest

@MarioLopezExtra Julio Cesar Chavez Lopez and Gia Francesca napping. He’s her bodyguard.. She laughs at him all day

@Pink Hey commercial maker people- just because you make your volume louder than anything I’m watching… Doesn’t mean I’m going to buy anything

@DENISE_RICHARDS So excited about some things in the works can’t wait to announce!

@KimberlilyVDB This show Yo Gabba Gabba is pretty brilliant. TV has come along way since I was a kid.

@KendraWilkinson we just got back from whale watching..we got about 10 yards from a mommy n beautiful!

@ConanOBrien My daughter asked me not to come drunk to her school play. Too bad, I really wanted to see it.

@torianddean Pajama Day at kids school. Get 2B cozy&bring their fave stuffed animal. Y cant we get Pajama Day at work? wld make evrything more tolerable!

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Photo credit: Mario Lopez's Twitter

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