Bridget Moynahan: “My Son Has Two Loving Parents”

Bridget Moynahan: "My Son Has Two Loving Parents"

Motherhood hasn’t gone exactly according to plan for actress Bridget Moynahan, but in a new interview with More magazine, she says she has absolutely no regrets. The beautiful Blue Bloods star opens up about her life as a single mom to her 3-year-old son Jack – and dishes on her relationship with her ex Tom Brady and his wife Gisele Bundchen.

Though their split was the topic of a lot of tabloid talk, Bridget says that she and Tom have worked to maintain a positive relationship for the sake of their son.

“I never made a comment about Gisele or Tom publicly. I have a relationship with these people on a daily basis,” she says, adding, “My son has two loving parents and an extended family, whether it’s cousins or stepmothers or boyfriends. My son is surrounded by love.”

The boyfriend in question would be Charlie’s Angels director Joseph “McG” McGinty Nichol – the pair have been dating since last year.

“He’s witty, he’s smart, he’s incredibly funny, he’s got incredible taste, and he comes from a great family,” Bridget gushes, revealing that they met on an airplane. And, most importantly, she adds, “He and Jack have a great relationship.”

Though life is going well these days, Bridget admits that being a single mom can be hard.

“[Tom] was not in the [delivery] room,” she recalls – the pair split during her pregnancy. “He was there on that day and came in afterwards. He certainly wasn’t holding my hand while I pushed.”

Revealing that she felt a lot of anxiety in those early days, Bridget says that she relied on the support of friends and family: “Every time my dad mentioned he had to go [home to Massachusetts], I’d start crying.”

It may not always be easy, but the 39-year-old actress insists she doesn’t regret any of it.

“[I don’t think] any girl grows up dreaming of being a single mom,” she tells More, but quickly adds, “There’s not a second I regret having a child on my own.”

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  • Anonymous


    In the article Bridgets says she didn’t know she was pregnant until 2 months after she split from Tom.

  • anon


    • Anonymous

      she looks better than gisele. it’s u who needs a life

      • cc

        amen! gisele is queen butterface!

  • JOY

    the truth comes out now?she made tom look bad for 4 years and she is the good one on this drama?the people calling this woman classy don’t know what classy means!

  • may


  • Anonymous

    these people?that is very friendly!

  • Amber

    gisele and tom’s marriage will not last.

    • lynn

      even if their marriage doesn’t last,gisele will always can say that tom asked her to marry him because he was in love with her and not because she used a child to get a ring!ISN’T THE OLDER SUPPOSED TO BE THE WISER TOO?,BUT BITTER IS JUST THE OLD!

  • lj

    Classy and beautiful….. As I recall she and Tom never said when they knew they were expecting. It’s was all tabloid stories. They had a rough patch in the beginning and all is well now, that’s all that matters. They are doing a good job raising a beautiful son.

    Wow …love the way she gushes about McG, and his relationship with Jack!!

  • Anonymous

    she’s pretty

  • Anonymous

    Cannot stand her. It’s so obvious what she’s doing in this interview, making snide comments. I feel sorry for her son having a mother like her.

  • Anonymous

    I like her i feel bad for her though imagine having a the step mother of YOUR child saying she feels like the chlid YOU produced is 100% hers and the mother when it’s not…creepy.. It’s okay to say you love the child but c’mon you’re not the biological parent the biological parent is still involved in the childs life and chose to have the child not you, so butt out. Seriously gisele.

  • Anonymous

    Talk about sloppy seconds gisele! wow that desperate for a guy?

  • lily

    someone likes the “CAPS”

  • Anonymous

    Forget the ex boyfriend/ stepmom drama… Why’d she let them dress her in that ridiculous blazer with no shirt or bra? “Bridget Moynahan spill all” is right!

  • Anonymous

    all she stalks about is tom,gisele and the baby drama in every article since 2007.that ‘s why she is on MORE MAGAZINE and gisele is on VOGUE PARIS!

  • moodyfille

    I doubt that women who think she is great will raise their little girls to be like bridget,but that are many girls around the world being raised to be like gisele,that is a fact!

    • Lucy

      I do not know anyone who would raise their daughter to be like Giselle. The girl is not too bright and was blessed with an amazing body, that’s it. I lost all respect for her when she believed it criminal not to breast feed your child. Who the hell made her the moral majority on motherhood.

      Bridget is on the cover of MORE because she is 40! Aside from Oprah when has vogue ever put anyone over the age of 35 on it’s cover?

      • Anonymous

        wait till gisele is 35, and you will see her on vogue.. Hater

        • Janelle

          The maturity of the readers here never cease to astound me.

          I am willing to bet she won’t be, because by that time her shunning of SPF will have done her in.

  • Paula

    @Anonymous 0632: MORE Magazine is sold in the U.S. Vogue Paris, is not. Gisele has little to no presence here in the U.S.

    • moodyfille

      really?and her little to no presence some how put bitter on the map!the only way she can get an article is to talk about gisele and brady.

      • Tina

        You sadly seem to be the bitter one here. Bridget had to deal with similar comparison that Jennifer aniston did. Yet in jennifers case there was indeed something for her to be jealous and intimidated by, in losing he husband to Angelina Jolie.

        No doubt Giselle was blessed with a great body, her face is pretty average. But she lacks much more in integrity and morality.

  • Tara

    As someone who used to work for vogue, I can attest to the fact that in her day Bridget was a very successful model. She never acheived the level of Giselle but that is because during her time, the early-mid 90s, very few models became a dynasty in themselves. Giselle has benefited from the fact that today in order to have staying power you need to become a brand, a la Kate moss. Had Bridget been a product of the correct agent she could have had a more meteoric rise.

    Additionally Vogue was and will always be notoriously ageist. They do it in their staffing, marketing, and choice of cover girls.

    The need for publications like MORE is the result of the recognition that just because you pass the age of 30, doesn’t mean your dead.

    • Lisa

      Don’t worry tara, my fellow idiotic 20somethings will have a rude awakening if they solely rely on their youth to find value in themselves.

  • Anonymous

    Who would want to raise their daughter to be like Gisele ??? Gisele is a hypocrite (flying airplanes and building elevators in a 20k sq ft home yet she preaches about the environment), is uneducated beyond the 8th grade, is condescending towards women (garbage disposal comment, breast feeding comments, pain-free labor comments — “it’s called labor for a reason”!, etc).

    The only thing Gi has going for her is her looks and her name. Yes, her name is on sandals and now skin care, but do you really think it was her that came up with the business idea and do you think she is the one managing the business!!! Not a chance. She has people doing that for her. She is a name and a face. That’s it.

    • Anonymous

      LOL it’s already been confirmed that Gisele whatever her last name is never graduated high school, this should explain her why she’s so damn stupid. If she wasn’t “blessed” with a mans face that appeals to non-straight designers and a straight up and down body she would of been selling sausages on the streets in Brazil lol she doesn’t even have a high school education! Gisele is both ugly and dumb.

      • HKL

        @Anonymous Feb 24, 2011 @ 07:38 pm

        Jealous dear????

  • Anonymous

    “I never made a comment about Gisele or Tom publicly”?????????!!!
    LIER!!! She’s such a lier. hahahahhaa

  • Anonymous

    why doesn’t she mention that jack has a brother now? he’s part of the family i would think?

    • Janelle

      Read the entire article, she mentions all of them.

      By the way it’s spelled “liar”

  • Victoria

    Okay first I just have to say that no matter what went on Tom should’ve helped her during the delivery. I’m a firm believer in parents putting aside all of their Bullshit and focusing on the here and now of no matter what happened or didn’t happen, or was did or not did, or said or not said, this child is here, he’s YOURS AND HE’S MINE, and we will do STICK TOGETHER and do anything to support one another and our child, even if we aren’t in a BF/GF or Hub/Wife relationship.

    Everyone can shut up talking about Bridgette “harping on” or “dredging up” the past, because you know what we’ve all go a story and we’ve all got a past and we have a right to tell it. She wasn’t being mean from what I can tell she was just telling her story the way it happened. I wish people would stop saying Bridget got pregnant on purpose, because on the real anything could’ve happened, no contraception is 100% foolproof, and in the end they are both adults who engaged in the act of sex, knowing that a baby could come of it. And what’s that little thing everyone should heard from… well any of a million sources nowadays with sex education, billboards, radio and the like: “The only way to 100% prevent pregnancy or stop yourself from contracting a STD, is to practics Abstinence”. They didn’t do this so they are now the proud parents of Jack Monynaham.

    Stop comparing Bridget and Giselle in looks, yes I personally believe that Bridgette is a bit more asthetically pleasing than Giselle, but in the end it’s all pointless because most people are only taking sides at all costs. Giselle is far from ugly but if people took a good look at her without the tan, makeup, and without the hype surrounding her and her name, they would see that she is actually pretty average looking, and once again not in a bad way. Majority of models are chosen for their bodies, and walks. They are both pretty in their own ways, Giselle has this kind of girl on the beach look, while Bridget seems like this grownup sophisticated business woman type.

    Stop being so ageist, bottom line is that everyone will one day be 30, 39, 40, 50, etc. So stop talking like it’s never gonna happen to you because it will. No one stops time.

  • shockadelica


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