Kim Zolciak’s Bikini Bump

Kim Zolciak's Bikini Bump

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak bares her baby bump in a bikini for the latest edition of Life & Style.

At six months pregnant and happier than ever, Kim opens up about her belly, her man — Atlanta Falcons defensive end Kroy Biermann, whom she’s been dating since May — and the possibility of trying for another baby.

“I’ll be 33 when I have this baby, and I’m more in touch with my body now,” Kim says. The reality TV starlet – who is already mom to daughters, Brielle, 13, and Ariana, 9, from a previous marriage – says she’s gained about 20 pounds so far. “I’m definitely eating a lot more now than I did with my girls.” Not that Kroy minds a little extra weight. “Kroy loves me pregnant. I don’t remember my ex-husband being that into it, but Kroy loves it. He tells me I’m so beautiful.”

Together for nearly 10 months, Kim says that she and Kroy are finally moving in together in Atlanta, just in time for their baby’s June arrival! “We’ll be moved in before the baby is born,” she says. Do we hear wedding bells ringing? “Kroy’s perfect for me, but we’re not engaged,” Kim says. “If we get married, Kroy would like to have one more child, and I want one too!”

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  1. Anonymous

    33???it has to be a typo or a joke!

  2. Anonymous

    I don’t know who she is could careless but it’s nice to see an unphotoshpped pic of a pregnant women (well neck down)!

  3. Brooke

    I think she looks great. At least this boyfriend wasn’t married!

  4. Courtney

    Kim just photographs badly that’s all and most women do get cellulite while their pregnant it’s an unfortunate side effect of the miracle of bringing life into this world. most people in hollywood lie about their age at some point

  5. Anonymous

    Nothing more unattractive than a pregger showing it off.

  6. Anonymous

    She should keep on clothes on. Really. She thinks she looks a lot better than she really is. Maybe she should have taken this photo a few months ago.
    Maybe I just don’t like her….

  7. Anonymous

    I’m not familiar with her, but based on the picture I have to wonder if the quoted age is a typo.

  8. Feb 22, 2011 @ 05:43 pm

    dfsdfjkhkjfgh@ sorry but in the real world she looks 40 no one is comparing her looks to celebrities.

  9. Anonymous

    I think she is 33 years old, but all those years of smoking aged her a lot. I hope that all can see what smoking can do to your skin. I am 34 yr non smoker my whole life with 2 kids and people tell me everyday I look 25 and too young to have a 12 and 14 yr old kid. the sad part is I have cancer and I been undergoing chemo and even chemo dosent make me look as bad as smoking.

  10. Anonymous

    No offence to those who think she looks good for “33″, but I know people in the non-Hollywood real world who are a decade older and look better (without plastic surgery, I might add).

  11. Anonymous

    Smoking does not age you as much as that. Having children young and drinking does.

  12. Anonymous

    It’s hard to believe that she is 33 for sure! The huge wig and caked on make up don’t help! The bikini is cute though.

  13. Anonymous

    Only got one word for this photo… DISGUSTING!

  14. Anonymous

    Put it away, you skank.


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