Travis Barker’s Beverly Hills Bunch

Travis Barker's Beverly Hills Bunch

Rockstar papa Travis Barker was spotted doing some furniture shopping with his kids – son Landon, 7, and daughter Alabama, 5 – along with the nanny in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Thursday (March 3). The doting dad carried his girl while Landon – decked out in suspenders and green hair – followed closely behind.

Although he was recently linked to Rihanna, further reports state that the Blink-182 drummer is dating newly single Ashlee Simpson.

Landon and Alabama’s mother is Travis’ ex-wife, former beauty queen and Playboy model Shanna Moakler.

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  • Sarah G.

    I really hate to put myself in league with all of the Suri Cruise leeches, but why doesn’t Alabama have on PANTS?!

    That’s wrong, right? It’s not just me?

  • anonymous

    i was thinking the same thing…. maybe she is going to gymnastic class or something… her sneakers look like she just barely has them on.

    I was actually noticing Landon’s suspenders look exactly like the ones skinheads wear… that to me is distrubing.

    • anonymous

      I noticed the skin head type suspenders as well… weird maybe it is a hard rock thing… LOL

    • Anonymous

      “….look exactly like the ones skinheads wear”

      Only skinheads wear red suspenders?

      • anonymous

        only skinhead, neo nazis and old men over 70

        • Anonymous

          ive never heard that only skinheads wear red suspenders, that’s ridiculous if that is the case. i should be able to put any color on my son and not be compared to skinheads.

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking the something where are her pant? There have been photos of her coming from dance class so I guess she is just wearing a leotard but they should have put some pant, skirt or shorts on her if they were going to be walking around in public.

  • AnnieMouse

    I was thinking the same thing about her pants…or lack there of! I didn’t want to jump to conclusions, so I’m hoping it’s a dance leotard or something (although I’d make my daughter wear a skirt or pants over hers)! Landon looks like he’s just being able to be, ummm, ‘creative’ with his hair and outfits. I let my little ones pick their own clothes within reason, but I’m sure if I were a celeb what I consider ‘within reason’ would be very different!

  • JMO

    yeah maybe she is going to dance or coming from! But it really looks like she’s just out in her underwear and someone should throw some shorts/pants on this child esp. with paparazzi photographing!

  • Miss Info

    His daughter is probably just coming from gymnastics. Such cute kids even though he looks like a wild punk rocker

  • Anonymous

    What’s wrong with this father?? Couldn’t he of put pants on the daughter? You are not even allowed in any stores without pants, gosh have the decency or manners and respect for not only your young daughter but also those around you.

    • Anonymous

      I agree his daughter is still young i doubt she would want to be remembered as roaming around streets without pants at 5yr, that’s why you’re suppose to have parents to PROPERLY dress you.

      • Anonymous

        You can see her underwear too…wow “dad” wow!

        • Anonymous

          LOL wow people it’s just leotards anyways dads usually aren’t as consious as moms when it comes to that type of thing. It’s cute he’s with his kids just doing a daily routine not thinking about the small stuff.

          • anonymous

            I agree most dads are clueless about the little stuff…he seems like a great and involved dad.

  • Miss Info

    Adorable family.

  • Janna

    Um, she’s a 5-year old in a leotard. So what?

    Calm down people. She’s not naked or anywhere near it. Sheeeeesh.

    • Anonymous

      There are pedophiles on the internet, these photos should not even be taken – let alone published. You can be calm all you want – that’s not your kid on the photos! If her dad doesn’t protect her, the public will!

    • Anonymous


  • Skin Head haters

    Traditional skinheads are AGAINST racism , nothing wrong with the boys suspenders. Ignorant ignorant people.

    • anonymous

      skinheads causing trouble in news are definiely not Traditional… FYI, traditional skinhead dont bash blacks but are known to bash gays, hippies and Pakistanis. Seems like those traditional skinheads are in UK here in USA we have the other type.

  • Rebecca

    It looks like Gwen Stefani dressed these kids.

    • Anonymous


    • Moo x

      hahaha, I was just thinking to myself ‘i wonder if this is how Kingston is going to be dressing in a few years?’
      Re: this daughters underwear/lack of trousers – There is definitely a fine line between being ‘free and easy’ and innocence, and crossing that boundary into indecency…i’m not too sure on this one to be honest – if she was just at home it’d be nothing, but the fact there are paps outside and them pics would be broadcast worldwide….i don’t know – maybe covering her bottom half would have been a good idea.

  • PinkDiva

    Here’s my take on it – if it’s chilly enough she needs a jacket, it’s probably chilly enough she needs something to cover her bottom half – at least a pair of yoga pants or something…..just my 2 cents worth….

  • Anonymous

    Cute kids but Landon looks awful…hate that outfit and I agree put some pants on your little girls butt, HELLO! for all the above stated reasons!

  • noneedtoknow

    who cares.. she’s 5 years old and in an dance outfit…

  • JMO

    I have to say I was in a restaurant one day (mind you it was about 30 degrees outside) and there was a little girl running around in only a leotard! I’m sure the little girl is in love with it and wants to wear it all the time but my mom and I couldn’t help thinking why in the hell would you allow your child to dictate what they will wear esp. when it’s cold outside. She looked freezing not to mention she had these rashes all over her legs so god only knows what it was (or should be exposed to in a restaurant for public safety)! I just really shake my head at some parents.
    This picture aside I’m sure Travis didn’t think much of it as someone stated above dad’s don’t totally put too much thought into the whole clothes thing (take himself as example) but there are so many child pornography that goes around and this would be the last thing I’d want my child dressed in out in public. Granted a pedophile will find your child attractive no matter what he/she is wearing but why put fuel to the flame! its jmo though.

    • Janna

      The problem wasn’t that she was dressed that way. The problem is that someone took that photo and posted it on the internet. I fail to see how this is her father’s fault.

  • Sophia

    I don’t see why there’s anything wrong with a little girl in a leotard. She’s probably just been/is just going to dance or gym class. If she had bare legs at the beach no-one would bat an eyelid, so it’s pretty ridiculous that in a different public area it’s so “irresponsible” and “inappropriate”. Come on.
    I think Landon’s outfit is super, super cute, ESPECIALLY his red suspenders! He’s such an adorable little boy!

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