Inside Mariah Carey’s Pink & Blue Baby Shower

Inside Mariah Carey's Pink & Blue Baby Shower

Songstress Mariah Carey and hubby Nick Cannon gathered an intimate group of friends and family at the rooftop Conservatory Grill at the Montage hotel on March 6 to celebrate the arrival of their twin boy and girl, due in late April or early May.

“I’d never been to a baby shower,” Mariah tells the new issue of Life & Style, on stands now. “This was my first one — it was so festive!”

Festive indeed! The star-studded event – hosted by her pr and management team and Angel Champagne’s Stefano Zagni – was decorated in pink and blue hues. Guests — including celeb pals American Idol judge Randy Jackson, host Piers Morgan, actress turned director Penny Marshall, Sopranos alum Lorraine Bracco, and director Brett Ratner — enjoyed a selection of gourmet pizzas and appetizers and enjoyed Mariah’s very own champagne, Angel.

“Nick and I were so grateful to everyone who came to celebrate with us,” Mariah tells Life & Style.

For more inside Mariah’s baby shower, pick up the new issue of Life & Style, on newsstands now.

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  • Marilyn

    I thought she was due at the end of March/beginning of April, but we’ll see. Twins usually come early.

  • klutzy_girl

    I’m expecting an announcement in the next few weeks. Can’t wait to see what they’re naming the twins!

  • Amy

    It would have been awesome to be there. Congrats to Mariah & Nick!

  • Anonymous

    Mariah is sure packing on the pounds. I am sure she will get her lipo and a tummy tuck after her planned c-section. MC does not look like someone who would actually want to labor.

    • Anonymous

      Who cares if she gets a tummy tuck or lipo. I would have if I’d had the money. My only hope is she has two healthy children, which should be yours.

      • Anonymous

        Oh please! Dramatic much. Who said anything about NOT wishing for healthy babies? Take a valium and relax.

        • Anonymous

          be quite

    • hlbronson

      I completely agree with you on all points. Althought most twins require c-sections anyways, even if Mariah was having a singleton, I would bet any amount of money that she wouldn’t risk sweating her makeup off by actually pushing a baby out. Nor do I think she would actually attempt to lose weight the healthy way by dieting and exercise (even with personal trainers and nutritionists at her disposal), because let’s face it, she couldn’t keep off the pounds before she got pregnant, I highly doubt she will after carrying twins.

  • Courtney

    you never know she might have a natural birth it can be done with twins but C-sections are more common. your supposed to gain more weight with twins anyway about 20lbs more than a singleton pregnancy and she gained some before conception because of hormone shots she had to take after the miscariage. Mariah’s supposed to be due at the end of April but twins usually come 4-6 weeks early so I wouldn’t be surprised if they came around her birthday the 27th of this month. besides not all celebs do lipo and tummy tuck after children some actually lose the weight responsibly and if she desides to nurse the twins then she’s likely to lose it even quicker.

    • Anonymous

      I do not see Mariah nursing anything besides her appetite. She will have her nannies bottle feed her babies, whatever, just to sleep through the night. Julia Roberts is more granola that Carey and even she did not bother nursing that much, from reports; just to sleep in.

      • Anonymous

        Correction and adding to above post…..I am not saying bottle feeding is bad, to get rest etc, I am saying Mariah does not look like she would compromise anything for her vanity, including her breasts and beauty sleep.

  • Anonymous.

    i too would get a tummy tuck after if I had the money unfortunately…

  • Tanya

    May God guide yu 2 al the way enjoy yoslvs and dnt forget 2 pray God bless

  • Anonymous – Anonymous

    She got big!! But she looks beautiful and happy!!

    Can’t wait to see what little girl/boy look like!!! And of course the names! Hope it’s unique but not outrageous!

  • Sarah34

    These two are such media whores they sold photos to all three of their wedding, they got sponsors to pay for the second one, sold pictures of their baby showers and dropping hints left right and sideway that she was pregnant before they came clean playing game back in forth with the media by dropping hints and then say it’s not true then say it is true; they are no better than the Kardashians the only difference is Mariah has talent and that about it.

  • Anonymous

    Mariah is a dramatic whale.

  • Courtney

    Um her and Nick aren’t going to have Nannies and have said so many times. no ther not media whores she knew her fans would want to see pictures of the baby shower so she released them there’s a difference.dont compair them to the Kardashians Kim &Co are famous for nothing Mariah & Nick both earned their fame through hard work

  • Grandma of Four


  • joe marie barro

    hi mariah congrats? love you idol? i hpoe i see you?mariah taker your self?hah? next time?bye love ya? and you say to people?peoplw are trip?ok
    bye bye

  • mia


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