Jessica Alba Kisses Her Cutie

Jessica Alba Kisses Her Cutie

Actress Jessica Alba couldn’t help planting a smooch on her sweet daughter Honor Marie during a trip to Coldwater Park in Beverly Hills, California today (March 9).

Dressed in tights and a loose-fitting blue top, the Valentine’s Day star – who is expecting her second baby – kept her tiny bump well hidden.

Jess recently revealed that she and her hubby Cash Warren plan on finding out the sex of the baby – but don’t expect a press release when they do!

“We tell our family but we don’t tell anyone outside of that,” she tells the USA Today, adding of her growing belly, “I’m hiding it well. I definitely have a bit of a bump.”

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  • Anonymous

    It must be nice to have a nanny…and be able to work out! I can never find the time!!!!!

    • Sarah G.

      Unless Jessica got a second Nanny, that isn’t her. Jessica’s Nanny is the young redheaded girl that’s always seen with Jessica and/or Cash and/or Honor.

  • Sarah G.

    How beautiful is Honor. I love that her bow matches Jess’ shirt. 😀

  • Sarah G.

    And now the part where people who aren’t even brave enough to put their name in make themselves feel big by picking on a child.

  • Sarah34

    I for one love her little piggy nose it’s so cute and so is she.

  • Anonymous

    How adorable Honor is! And she’s getting so big lately! I wonder how she will look like in a few years…
    i love to see new pics of the family. they’re too cute alltogether.

  • Agreed

    ON a side note, is Jess wearing ankle weights???

  • CeCe

    aww so sweet

  • Anonymous

    Wow, it takes a special kind of horrible person to make such cruel comments about a child. Does it make you feel better about yourself to tear other people down? That’s pretty sad.

  • a girl

    Thank you for saying your comment. It takes a very unkind person as well as a person who has no moral compass and is a very shallow person to make such cruel comments about a child or anyone really.

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