Martha Stewart’s Daughter Welcomes Baby Girl Jude!

Martha Stewart's Daughter Welcomes Baby Girl Jude!

Martha Stewart is a grandma!

The domestic goddess’ daughter, 45-year-old Alexis Stewart, welcomed baby girl Jude with the help of a gestational carrier on Tuesday (March 8), reports PEOPLE.

Though Alexis’ mom might be thrilled with the idea of being a grandmother, it looks as though she won’t be taking to the role in a traditional fashion: “Martha is going to be called, ‘Martha,’” explained Alexis on her radio show, Whatever with Alexis & Jennifer. “She seemed to have no problem with it… I was like, ‘Do you really want to be ‘grandma’? I don’t like the term grandma!”

“Grandma”, however, is already busy spoiling her tiny granddaughter!

“She was born at 1 in the morning… and [Martha] bring this huge box from Bergdorf [Goodman],” said Alexis. “I open it up and I look inside and it’s full of baby clothes, all with embroidery, and I’m like, ‘Wow, I guess I’m going to be allowed to buy myself something pretty nice because all this stuff’s going back!”

In an interview several years ago, Alexis opened up about her struggle to conceive and how important her goal of motherhood was: “I’m single now, but having my own kid is the most important thing in my life, so I am trying everything I can: fancy doctors, expensive drugs, high-tech procedures.”

A child is your legacy. What better thing can you do in life than put a really good person in the world who’s going to make it a better place?

In November 2010, Alexis confirmed her decision to have a child via gestational carrier.

Congratulations to the entire Stewart family!

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  • skyler

    Congratulations to the entire Stewart family. Jude is a boy name.

  • Anonymous

    I’m usually all for boys names on girls but Jude Stewart is a little much

  • Courtney

    um Jude is a unisex name as are Courtney Carroll Joey & Kim amongst others. Maybe Alexis’s daughter is named after the Beatles song Hey Jude. she had to use a surrogate because she’s infertitle

    • Anonymous

      Courtney, “Hey Jude” is a song about a boy. Jude is most definitely a boy’s name. Judy is a girl’s name.

  • kayla

    Courtney Jude is a boy name. Jude \j(u)-de\ as a boy’s name is of Greek origin,

  • Anonymous

    Wait, the baby will call her grandmother “Martha”?! How very formal and impersonal. How very…well, Martha.

  • lili_marleen

    The name Jude can be for a boy or a girl…why do you people get upset? I’m sure people could pick apart the names you chose for your children! And whatever the family decides to call anyone in that family, also, is not your beeswax. I am 73 and a childhood friend of mine always called her mother Judy and my own husband always called his mother Ann…so there ya go…it is NOT UNUSUAL. LIghten up, make a pot of tea.

  • lili_marleen50

    Someone truly thinks Jude is a boy’s name due to some song by the Beatles…now that is funny!!!! Yes, oh yes, the Beatles are and were the last word on anything…mmmm hmmmm! We know Kyles…one a boy, one a girl. Same with Taylor. Same with Hunter. Same with Harley. Same with Eden.

  • Anonymous

    That poor baby… Not because of Martha. Alexis is a mess and that baby already has a job… Calling her Martha seemed like Alexis idea to me..

    • antigoniem

      I don’t think she’ll MAKE/FORCE the child to call her grandmother “Martha”. Alexis has been calling her mother “Martha” since she was a child (now she does it because she’s her boss now), and it was not because she was forced. Probably the only reason Jude will call her that is because children tend to repeat what’s said around them. Then again, most people mistake Alexis’ sarcasm for seriousness. I actually like her sense of humor and complete honesty, and i’m pretty sure she’s not as much of a mess as you may think, i’ve never heard of her being in any trouble (hell, at least she’s not out acting like Charlie Sheen).

  • Anony…

    Jude is a boy’s name. No matter what you try to demonstrate, it is. It is a Biblical name, and Biblical names ate very well defined when it comes to which gender, or I rather sex, it belongs to [Jude and Judy are not the same name, such as aren’t Joan and John). You may agree with using it on a girl or not. That’s another business. I personally disagree, but, hey, it’s my opinion, of course, and just as valid, and non-jerk. But…had she named her baby girl John, would John cease to be a (super) male name? I think it wouldn’t. Trends, if you can’t fight them, at least you can ignore them, since I think “live” with them can be very painful when you deeply disagree. Once again, it’s ONLY my point of view.

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised she was so honest and up front about her fertility problems, but now she’ll have us believe this is her bio kid from her own eggs? Why not tell the whole truth? I’m sure she used a donor if she is 45 and had fertility problems. I’m happy for her.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing is wrong with it, except to people who are judgmental, moralistic jerks.

  • Anonymous

    Oh what a surprise, another bigoted uneducated poster.

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