Jessica Simpson Dreams Of Son Named Tenacious D

Jessica Simpson Dreams Of Son Named Tenacious D

Jessica Simpson says she had a dream about having a son named after the rock band fronted by Jack Black. Of course, we all have dreams about Jack but this is a family website so I won’t go there.

“Dreamt that I had a son named Tenacious D…That was a strange one,” Jessica Tweeted yesterday (March 13).

The singer, who is engaged to NFL player Eric Johnson, recently denied she is already pregnant but admitted she was excited about starting a family soon.

“I definitely see myself having a family with Eric, so that’s exciting to think about,” she said. Something tells me she won’t be naming her son Tenacious D.

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  • Anonymous

    It truly amazes me how her fiance, a Yale graduate, can even tolerate spending 10 min. with her. Nothing much has changed with her, huh? It’s also sad that social medias like Twitter, reminds us of her lack of brain cells.

  • Anonymous

    We “all” have dreams about Jack Black? Uh, no, we all don’t.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. Jack Black = gross.

    • Anonymous

      If I had a dream about Jack Black, that would most definitely qualify as a nightmare. GROSS.

  • Jenny Schafer

    I love it! We definitely all dream of Jack! LOL

    • Brooke

      We definitely all don’t.

  • Anonymous

    Cute twitter comment! Jessica has great style!

  • Heidi

    i think she is smarter than she seems..i mean, her fashion empire has made SOOOO much money.. and i think it’s funny she had a dream like that *LOL*

  • Alphonse

    Dumbass waste of space. She hasn’t changed a bit, lol. Yikes!

  • Sophia

    Most pointless article ever posted here.

  • Anonymous

    You negative people are mean, awful, hateful and ugly, get a conscious!

  • Georgette

    Maybe she meant “Tunacious D” – after all there was that whole Chicken of the Sea deal.

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