Victoria Beckham: What To Expect When You’re Expecting At The Royal Wedding

Victoria Beckham: What To Expect When You're Expecting At The Royal Wedding

Did you get invited to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding? Yeah, my invitation got lost in the mail, too. But David and Victoria Beckham will be there and Victoria, who is expecting the couple’s fourth child this summer, is a little concerned about how she will be feeling once the big event rolls around in April.

“We’re very proud of our royal family, and it’s gonna be an amazing occasion,” David said. “Victoria is obviously a little bit worried because she’ll be a few more months pregnant by then.”

No doubt the ever-stylish Victoria will look fabulous, though. I wonder if she will be wearing something from her own clothing line – reports are that bride Kate will wear something from the ex-Spice Girl’s collection as one of her “going away outfits,” which she’ll wear at one of several events after the couple’s big ceremony.

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  • Anonymous

    I think she’s more worried about her weight to be honest, and what she will look like in the outfit.

  • Anonymous

    LOL Anonymous!!! Maybe that’s what he meant – it’s no secret that she is a tad obsessed that way.

  • Cabos

    Well, if she’s THAT worried she can always stay home and rest. But of course that won’t happen. And it also helps to remind her that Kate is the bride, so the event won’t be about her, so who cares.

    • Victoria

      All David said was that she was a tad bit worried about the freakin outfit, you make it seem like she was the one doing the IV and was going on and on about what she’d look like.

  • Jaya

    “We proud of our Royal Family”. Don’t you mean the world’s biggest welfare system. Get off your pregnant high Victoria, you ain’t the first woman to be pregnant and you won’t be the last. You’ve carried three children already and there are a lot of women that work up until their last days of pregnancy unlike you whose got all the help around you and don’t have to lift a finger if you chose not to. Whatever!

    • Victoria

      Victoria didn’t even say anything about working or anything else, this wasn’t even an IV that she did, all David did was say one little sentence about her. And for the love of Jesus, Mary, & Joseph, I am so sick and tired of people throwing out into the atmospher all of the women who have to work until the last days of their pregnancy and the women who have no help and have to raise their children alone. News flash people I seriously doubt none of those women want to do those things, so for all the women who don’t have to work while pregnant good for you, take that time off & those who need some extra help taking care of your kids, go and get that help if you need it instead of being overloaded with so much that you explode and are no good to your kids. There also is a such thing as maternity leave, so if a woman decides to take it she can, it’s up to her and alot of women believe it or not do have families to help them with their children, some don’t, but alot do.

      • Anonymous

        Victoria, how many pregnancies have you gone through and how many children have you raised? Just curious.

        • Anonymous

          Probably none. She is just a very uninformed, but opinionated young lady.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with you on that.
        Why do some of you people always have to critisize celebs? They have worked hard to be where they are today.
        I mean try placing yourself in their shoes; like if you were halfway through the pegnancy and 1000s of miles away from home, you’d probably be worried/concerned too.
        Just because she is known as posh spice then it doesnt mean she only cares about her looks and her weight. Come on.

    • Tara

      My someone seems bitter here. Who cares if she does not “have to work” she earned the right not to. I worked for 15 years and saved enough so I can be home with my son. I realize I am lucky, but I sacrificed to do so. Do not judge those of us who can stay home. I am divorced and have no immediate family that is still living.

      Finally if you are going to rant perhaps use proper English.

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