Céline Dion On Her Post Baby Bod

Céline Dion On Her Post Baby Bod

It’s only been five months since giving birth to her twins, Nelson and Eddy, but Céline Dion is already sporting her svelte figure again. What’s her secret? Breastfeeding and some really good genes!

“You get busy with twins and you feed them so they help you to recover very fast,” said the Canadian singer. “So I helped them help me.”

Getting back in shape may have been easy for Céline, but it wasn’t exactly a priority of hers.

“It’s not important. I’m not a model,” Dion said. “I’m not there to wear a size 2 or 0 or 4. I’m going to find the dress that’s going to fit the body at the time. But it happened to be that the weight loss [happened] very rapidly. And genetically, I’m very lucky too.”

Great genes aren’t the only thing Céline Dion’s been blessed with. She’s also got an exciting life at home with hubby, René Angélil, 69, and the couple’s three children, including 10-year-old René Charles.

“There’s a lot to do and lots of fun,” said Céline. “RC’s in a baseball league and there was a ceremony and he said, ‘Papa, do you think it’s possible for Eminem to come and sing the national anthem?’ And René looked at him and says. ‘Oh my God. You can tell this kid has traveled around the world….No, we can’t get Eminem to sing the national anthem.'”

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  • Proud CAnadian

    Celine has always been thin, but I question the remark about really good genes — have you seen her mother?

    • Celine Fan

      Her mother is an older lady now so her body wouldn’t look like Celine’s now! Smart A** ooh my what an idiot to say such a remark!

      Celine looks great as usual and people just have not been able to handle that she truly seems happy, has money and a beautiful voice!
      Stop the Hate!
      And I thought Canadians where nice…some aren’t I see!

    • Grace

      First of all, a person’s genetic make-up comes from BOTH parents, not just the mother. And Celine’s father was quite thing. Second, Celine’s mother was pregnant 14 times, so comparing what she looked like after 14 pregnancies to what Celine looks like after the second doesn’t quite work. Maybe Celine’s mother’s body bounced right back after the first few pregnancies.

    • Anonymous

      Well, I’m sure you know that a person’s genes comes from both their parents. Duh! Google her father.

  • translate girl

    Celine is a type of woman wine, the older the better, if you look at your old photos she was not very pretty, despite the fact he had always been a skinny person, now she is very beautiful. You say it’s a woman for whom pregnancy was very good

    • Anonymous

      Yes, pregnancy and PLASTIC SURGERY have been very good to her.

  • Anonymous

    Nice- what really makes for “good” press is NOT the fact that Nelson’s, Rene Jr’s and Eddy’s parents made it successfully through the childbirth process, both at advanced (and varying) ages, but that she lost weight soon after the birth of twins. Does anyone else see the wrong in this?

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