Teen Mom 2’s Leah Messer Gets Married

Teen Mom 2's Leah Messer Gets Married

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer wed longtime beau – dad to twins Aliannah and Aleeah, now 15 months – Corey Simms at Charleston, West Virginia’s Coonskin Park.

Together since early 2009, Leah and Corey grace the cover of Us and share intimate details from their special day.

The beaming bride wore a $1,549 Maggie Sottero gown, which her mom purchased at 30 percent discount! “I felt really pretty in it,” dental assistant Leah says.

Corey gushed about his gorgeous bride. “She took my breath away,” the water-distribution operator says. “I just got so emotional when I saw her.”

Corey, who calls himself a “redneck,” sported a camouflage vest and tie tux from Perry Ellis.

And what about the rings? Leah proudly wears a diamond-studded, white-gold band and Corey has a titanium camouflage-patterned ring, featuring the engraving “Forever and Always.”

For more details and photos from the wedding – the flowers, the cake, the reception, the food (mac ‘n cheese!), and why they think they’ll beat the odds – pick up the new Us Weekly, on stands today!

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  • Anonymous

    Congrats! I love this young couple!!!

  • Shirelle

    OMG I am so happy for them. The baby looks so cute with her little glasses.

  • Anonymous

    I am so happy for them…didn’t they marry mid-October though? I guess the article is just going along with the show timeline? The one thing that I couldn’t understand was how Leah’s family/some friends seemed to kinda discouraging them from marrying, saying,”It’s a lifetime commitment, are you sure it isn’t too soon?” HELLO???!!! TWO KIDS IS A LIFETIME COMMITMENT, without a doubt. Marriage can always be ended with divorce if necessary, although I in NO WAY wish that happens with them! I hope they make it, they seem really in love and supportive of each other. Children on the other hand, keep you connected with the other parent FOREVER! (usually!) Good luck to them, they seem like an awesome couple!!! =)

  • Kate

    I think she is the best Mom on that show. So caring and concerned to find out what is wrong with her one baby. Some of the other girls on that show….good lord. Janelle needs someone to smack her upside the head. She enrages me. Not only a horrible mother but a theif.

  • Tiffany Batton

    EXACTLY Kate….I’m willing to go down to wear Janelle is and smack some sense into her myself. That girl needs some help… Miss.. I’m going to use my mom’s cards, and then play the victim when she wants to prosecute me…really!!!!!!! And I hate to be biased but Jace is cutest baby on the show (the others are also adorable). But on a positive….I LOVE Leah & Corey and I pray they do well as parents and a married couple.

  • Bella

    my nephew had those kinda glasses as a baby except obviously they were blue!! I love babies and glasses!! I would say they are the most “put together” of all the teen moms but anything can change. Not many people 18 married with 2 babies can make it but hopefully they can beat the odds.

  • Anonymous

    These people are not celebrities.

  • Anonymous

    shes a good mother, probably the best mother on that show. chelsea’s okay just needs to stand up for herself! i wish this couple the best, hope little ali’s okay! =]

  • anon3

    she may be a good mother but those are very strange looking girls- and not even remotely because the one has a disability- they both have almost alien-esq looks

    • Bella

      I think the one Leah is holding looks exactly like her while the other looks just like Corey. Not gorgeous babies but I think they’re quite cute in their own way. I think bald babies just always have an odder look!

  • Anonymous

    aly looks like her dad and the other twin looks like her mom 😛

  • Anonymous

    Leah is by far the best mom on this show. She cares about her babies and wants to find out whats wrong with ali. In my opinion her and corey are great parents and hopefully they’ll last. It’s hard to make it as teenage parents but with two children and a marriage im sure they can make it. Get Well Ali :)

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