Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

Selma wears an Isabella Oliver Ruched T-Shirt Dress in Khaki – $155, while pushing an iCandy Peach Stroller in Tomato – $899.99

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  1. Anonymous

    I have this stroller and it was worth every penny. It is durable and fashionable. It also converts to a double so you don’t have to purchase an additional stroller when you have a second baby. Maybe she is pushing it home from the store people, not getting paid to push it! I have never heard of a celebrity being paid to be seen with baby gear although it’s very possible she was given it from the company.

  2. Anonymous

    Why does anyone need a stroller that costs $900 bucks?

  3. Anonymous

    Because iCandy is a great brand – they are as commonly seen on the street over here in the UK as Graco (or whatever) is over in the USA. People here tend to use their strollers as an everyday thing to get baby around, I think, so are willing to pay for it. And when you convert £ to $, well…it can be quite a price jump.

  4. Anonymous

    I think it’s a bad idea to buy stuff like that until you have the baby. I regret many of my choices in baby gear, even though they seemed excellent, because you don’t realize what you really need until you’re using it!!!

  5. Anonymous

    Oh barf, Selma probably wouldn’t pay that much for a stroller either. She is being paid to be seen with this.

  6. Anonymous

    Ditto the comment of being paid to be seen with this…

    Does anyone wonder why she is pushing an empty stroller- as she has yet to have her baby???


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