Monster Face Tees

Monster Face Tees

Sparrow Madden wore a monster face tee when he went to Tom’s Toys with his family. He paired his bright blue tee with a black vest and high tops. Get a funky monster tee to add to your little one’s wardrobe.

Spread Shirt has a cute monster face tee ($18.40) for kids or a monster bodysuit ($23.90) for babies. Hot Topic has monster t-shirt ($15.50). Check out Rapscallion’s monster face tee ($15) for an older child.

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  1. E R

    Sparrow’s shirt if definitely from H&M’s new Spring collection.
    The girl’s tops, which feature just eyes and a cute smile, are cute, too!

  2. Anonymous

    He is waering a t-shirt by H&M

  3. A.

    I’d like to find Sparrow’s red “All you need is love” t-shirt he wore in London at the Disney event last year. Could you help me, where can I find it? Thank you! Maybe you can do a “Get the look” with that t-shirt.


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