Kelly Rutherford Loves Apple Park

Kelly Rutherford Loves Apple Park

Kelly Rutherford’s children arrived at the Bugaboo Donkey launch party with their Apple Park favorite toys. At the event, hosted by Giggle, Hermes wore his Monkey Beanie ($28) while sister Helena played with her Picnic Pal Lamby ($48). Later on she was spotted wearing a Lamby Beanie. Kelly told Celebrity Baby Scoop about her love for Apple Park products.

Helena and Hermes love Apple Park, especially the new hats and booties. They like to dress up and play along with the book. I love the brand message about the environment and sharing and that they’re organic. It’s a win win.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Adorable hermes with the new name

  2. Anonymous

    hermes is an awful name. why not just name your kid herpes?

  3. alaina

    adorable babies. love the name Helena and Hermes.

  4. Anonymous

    It’s a win-win alright — she gets free clothes and publicity for herself and the company gets the benefit of a celeb endorsement.


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