Minnie Driver & Her Fly Guy

Minnie Driver & Her Fly Guy

He’s gotten so big! Actress Minnie Driver and her adorable 2 1/2-year-old son Henry were spotted arriving at the Los Angeles International Airport on Thursday (April 14).

The Good Will Hunting star recently said she’d love to have another child: “Henry’s dad and I probably wouldn’t have any more together, but I would love to have more. But I couldn’t do another one without a partner; I couldn’t do two as a single mum, I really couldn’t. It would be too much.”

Minnie remains mum on the identity of Henry’s father, but has said, “I’m so grateful for Henry’s dad. He’s really cool and he loves Hen and they have a great relationship.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin / Flynet


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  1. Colleen

    I have respect for her saying she doesn’t want to single parent again. I am a single parent of three sons who are now preteen or teenagers and it isn’t that I have a hard time caring for them, it would be easier if they had a male role model in their lives and on a daily basis. There are just some things a woman can not teach her son’s about men or daughter’s about men.
    I know when telling my sons about women and how to treat them and how not to treat them is because of personal experience.

  2. Rebecca

    What a big, beautiful boy. :)

  3. Rebecca

    What a big boy! :) He looks so healthy. Minnie must be doing a great job raising him.

  4. Anonymous

    The kid looks like Will Ferrell.

  5. E R

    I love Henry’s old school sandals.

  6. Anonymous

    He’s tall.

  7. Anonymous

    wow where did all that hair come from? how long has it been since we saw him?

  8. Anonymous

    She thinks she couldn’t do two as a single mum – nonsense! Someone with her financial resources would be well able to pay for plenty of help — look at Cheryl Crow, Sharon Stone, Rosie O’Donnell. I’m sure Minnie is very hands-on and would want to continue that way, but as I said, she would be able to pay for a nanny 24/7 to help out.


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