Princesses Eugenie & Beatrice: Hats Off

Princesses Eugenie & Beatrice: Hats Off

Fabulous hats! Princesses Eugenie (blue outfit) and Beatrice (Beige outfit) – the daughters of Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, and Prince Andrew, Duke of York – were seen arriving at the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton held at Westminster Abbey on Friday (April 29).

The princesses dressed to impress! Eugenie, 21, set off her bold blue floral Vivienne Westwood suit with a stylish hat with feathers and flowers, while Beatrice, 22, accented her red locks with a sculptural topper to match her Valentino coat.

Noticeably absent at the royal event was mama Fergie! Sources say Lady Di’s former BFF wasn’t invited to the lavish affair. Ouch!

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News / / Flynet

  • Anonymous

    What does this have to do with babies?

    • Anonymous

      Unless there’s a pregnancy that’s gone unnoticed, I can’t think of a valid reason for this — these girls are in their early 20’s.

    • melo1983

      Umm they’re children of the royal family…

      • Anonymous

        That’s a stretch, to say the least. lol

      • Anonymous

        Ummm, this is a celeb baby site. Toddlers, okay, preschoolers, okay, but early 20’s?

        • melo1983

          LOL Seriously? This is not the first post to be about celebrity children above the age of 10. Go back and do some research, they’re still qualified to be on here because they’re apart of a famous family.

          • Anonymous

            Thanks for the laugh. Just curious, what’s the significance of 1983? Graduated from highschool, college, what?

  • klutzy_girl

    LOL, I still can’t believe those hats.

  • RoyalWatcher

    Eugenie – U r a lovely girl – please, please get better fashion advice. Yes, you
    got noticed, but not in a good way….

    Beatrice – Also lovely – the coat, dress & shoes are gorgeous – the THING on your
    head …. NOT so much !!!

  • Anonymous

    euginie looks like the fat kardashian. beatrice looks like a bottle of covergirl foundation that wants to be lady gaga.

  • Tara

    What is with all the cattiness about the royals on all the websites today? Is it jealousy? These two girls are certainly scrutinized more than we will ever be. Leave them alone. I suspect most of the negativity comes from truly unhappy people.

  • lucy power

    They were pissed that their mother wasn’t invited and decided to get revenge by wearing these ghastly outfits. Shame on them trying to take attention away from the bride and groom.

    • Anonymous

      Their mother has nothing to do with Prince William or Kate and I’d think they would understand that. Why would she have gone? When your parents are divorced you don’t expect both parents to go to events like that. Sarah is not a part of their Dad’s life… these are cousins on their dad’s side.

      • popsykl

        She is infact wills Aunt soooooo my guess is she should have been invited or was she de-aunted too……….beatrice and eugenie shouldnt have even gone………………….

        • Anonymous

          What are you talking about? She was only his aunt by marriage…. when she divorced Will’s UNCLE, she was no longer his aunt. Beatrice and Eugenie are blood related cousins, through their dad, obviously. I have no idea what you’re talking about, but I can tell English isn’t your first language.

  • Ariana

    The tropics met the safari and not in a good way.


    I agree with anonymous april 29 at 318 pm… too much makeup on Beatrice and hat looks like something of out a science fiction movie or as you said Lady GaGa’s wardrobe. Ha Ha

    • Anonymous

      Sorry if this sounds catty, but the clothes aren’t the problem, they only make things worse. Surely these girls have access to professional stylists?

  • Anonymous

    Beatrice’s hat is RIDICULOUS. Eugenie looks nice though :). I still go WTF at the name “Eugenie”. That’s…wow. Worst name I’ve ever heard.

    • Annefan

      Actually Eugenie is not a weird name in Europe….

      • Anonymous

        Well that’s good to know haha

  • Anne

    Sadly a woman at work commented that the 2 princesses looked like Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters in those outfits. I had to look and somewhat agree. Eugenie’s entire outfit would definitely fit the role. However Beatrices outfit is lovely but the hat, it looks like a wall ornament, it’s got to go.

    • Anonymous

      LOL — the ugly stepsisters reference was also in a news article I read!!!

  • Sonya

    The worst thing was Beatrice sat directly behind the Queen and every time they showed her it looked like she had antlers growing on her head.

  • Anonymous

    These hats remind me of Dr. Seuss

  • Anonymous

    My mom and I said the same thing…at the same time Anne. They definitely remind me of Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters in those outfits. Horrible!!

  • Anonymous

    “Fabulous hats!” – is that a joke?? Nothing personal against either girl, but those hates are awful! Especially Beatrice’s, I don’t know how you look in the mirror with that on and honestly think “I look great in this.” It was probably more like “everyone will photograph me in this, I’ll get lots of attention.”

  • popsykl

    well i think the girls look nice its viv westwood people…and valentino, hats are wonderful….take your store cards to target and get lost….this is a fashion celebration

  • nicoleC

    weird choice …..
    most of lady’s hat are lovely,but i dont like their hats

  • nosoupforyou


  • nosoupforyou

    I’m so glad I don’t live in England.

  • Lioness


  • Anonymous

    Wealth does not equal taste *shudder*

  • Suzy

    Actually I’m kind of mad about the pictures of these two girls…you know how sometimes on the news they will advise you that some of the pictures they are about to show are extremely graphic, so you can turn away if you don’t want to see it? Well where was the warning before they showed these two?

  • SMH

    Did they go to Lady Gaga to get those terrible outfits??


  • ei_cai

    it looks weird!! it looks like octopus hat hahaha

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