‘Karate Kid’ Pays Off Big For Jaden Smith!

'Karate Kid' Pays Off Big For Jaden Smith!

Jaden Smith has no reason to borrow cash from parents Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith anymore!

TMZ reports that the 12-year-old actor raked in seven figures for his lead role in the remake of The Karate Kid. Not bad for only his third film!

According to the website, which obtained a copy of Smith’s June 2009 contract for the movie, his up-front fee of $1,000,000 was paid to him in two separate installments – one for $900,000 and the other for $100,000.

But once the film grossed over $150 million in domestic box office sales, Jaden received a sweet bonus of $2 million! Add that to the usual perks and royalties from his collaboration with Justin Bieber on the movie’s hit song, “Never Say Never,” and someone’s looking at a pretty large stash of cash to buy…whatever it is that 12-year-old boys are buying these days.

Still, Jaden’s got a few more movies to make to surpass his little sis, Willow, 10!

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  1. Sarah G.

    Jada and Will have possession and control of the money until Jaden’s 18, so, yeah, he actually DOES have to still technically ‘borrow casg from his parents’.

  2. Sarah G.


  3. Anonymous

    I don’t see why he wouldn’t when Will produce this movie so of course he was going to pay he kids big time and give him top billing when Jackie Chan was the bigger star in the movie.

  4. jamisha

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