Gwen Stefani & Her Boys Take A Stroll

Gwen Stefani & Her Boys Take A Stroll

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale‘s plans were spoiled today when they arrived with their sons Kingston, 4 1/2, and Zuma, 2 1/2, at the London Zoo only to find it closed! The rock star pair made the best of the gorgeous day and headed out for a sunny stroll instead.

The happy family recently traveled from Los Angeles to London’s Primrose Hill area, where they have another home.

In an interview with Elle magazine earlier this year, Gwen talked about her love of London, saying, “Don’t tell Gavin but I’m really, really missing it. I miss our house and the fireplaces and the way it feels in there… Where I grew up there’s a bunch of strip malls and London to me is just so cute and old and everything I love.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me thta thinks its weird when people put grown children in buggies????

    • Anonymous

      I put my 4 1/2 yo son in his old buggy whilst visiting London… it’s so fast, folk are not looking, traffic is mental and there was lots of walking and wee legs get tired and he was too heavy to carry!! I don’t think it’s a big deal. We didn’t use it at home and have not used it since, but I was very grateful to keep him safe and right next to me. I also saw many kids his age in buggies in London and that is not the case where we live.

    • Anonymous

      Excuse me, “Grown children”???? A 2 year old and a 4 year old don’t qualify as grown children. How do/did you get around the city (assuming you live in a city) with your kids? This family is WALKING to a neighbourhood park and it’s probably too far for the kids to walk themselves, hence the “strollers”. End of story.

      Not a Gwen fan, but kudos to her for hoofing it instead of using her SUV & driver which she could easily do.

  • Anonymous

    This looks ridiculous… and of course there’s a nanny with them.

    • Anonymous

      You are right, it does seem staged and fake, but believe it or not, I don’t think they have a nanny with them for a change like they always do in LA.

      • Anonymous

        My apologies, Anonymous (4:00a.m.), but you were right — there was a nanny accompanying them as usual. Originally I thought they were being self-sufficient for a change, but alas, that wasn’t the case — nanny is wearing a striped shirt and hat. :)

      • Rachel C

        They DO have a nanny with them. On another site it shows them at their front door and the nanny is hauling the stroller up the stairs while Gavin stands watching.

  • Grandma of Four

    That is one nifty stroller for Kingston and I am not so sure he knows what to think about the whole thing! Zuma appears to be loving the whole thing! I LOVE that both of these parents are involved and get their kids out of the house with really normal, family activities! :- )

  • A Rose

    When you know your kid, if they get tired of walking, they whine, you shut them up with the stroller as long as you can! Also, when kids run off and you want to control the outing, keep them safe from harm, you put them in a stroller for as long as you can! Go Gwen…you are the parent, its your call. Every adult I know, have pictures, and stories to tell about their parents who made them look silly when they were kids! King and Zuma will have a lot to laugh about!

  • Anonymous

    im sure he walks most of the time, but little kids get tired and need a rest. it would be nice if they got a stroller he could fit in though, he’s really crammed in there. a more open design would work better.

  • Anon569

    All I’m going to say about the stroller looks too small for Kingston he look very uncountable in it.

  • SMH

    Looks like they’re having some stroller races! fun stuff!

    I think he is too big but it’s no big deal. He’s still 4.

  • Anonymous

    maybe kingston’s feet hurt from those ridiculous shoes he’s wearing.

  • Tara

    It does look odd but I agree that the traffic in London is ridiculous so perhaps they are being careful.

    I am amazed he is staying in the stroller. My 2 1/2 year old has REFUSED to sit in a stroller since he could walk. He hates them. I was certainly not happy since I spent over 1700$ for the orbit system ( yes I know it’s a crazy price and I was an impetuous new mommy shopper). I guess I am lucky though because he does not get tired so does not mind walking. He will stay in his radio flyer though so that helps.

    • Janelle W.

      Cannot believe you paid that much for a stupid stroller when there are children dying of hunger all over the world. Why not give the $1700 to charity! Mothers today need to learn to do without. It’s why we think Americans are so ignorant.

      • Anonymous

        Grow up and MYOB. You don’t know Tara, her financial situation and whether she donates to charity so spare us the sermon.

      • An “ignorant”American

        Who the h*ll are you to call someone ignorant. If she has the money to spend, more power to her. Additionally how do you have any idea about what someone does or doesn’t give to charity simply because they spend money on THEIR OWN kids.

        Go hug a tree or something!

      • NJMOM

        To Janelle W
        While I also think 1700 is excessive for a stroller…. I feel the following:
        1) when I was a new first time mommy I bought alot of stuff I never would have for my 2nd or 3rd kid….
        2) Americans give more money to charity than any country in the world.
        3) Tara seems to acknowledge that she was a first time mom shopper and realizes now (esp since kid does not like strollers) than money could have been better spent elsewhere. :)
        4) It is really none of our business how Tara spends her hard earned $$$, I have read her comments in past and she definitely seems intelligent and not at all ignorant…

        • Chloe

          I agree with you on ALL your points. Especially 1 and 4. I remember my husband thought I lost my mind when I spent $1500 on a toddler bed- especially since my daughter ends up in our bed most of the time. All of us get caught up in that new mommy high. But what bothers me about Janelle is her self righteousness. If we work hard for our money we should spend it as we like. Tara always comes across as respectful and far from ignorant so she can do what she wants. Moreover the main part of her post dealt with being amazed a 4 yr old stays in a stroller. I too am shocked by that;). Lighten up Ladies!

      • Anonymous

        In your next post, why not post a complete checklist of do’s and don’ts for the rest of us ignorant moms (we Canadians are ignorant too, so count us in as well). I am sure that Tara and the rest of us can benefit from your infinite wisdom.

      • Anonymous

        Hey, Janelle –
        In your last sentence – “It’s why we think Americans are so ignorant” – who are you referring to by “we”? Just curious.

        Oh, and just to let you know, as this is an American site, you have insulted the majority of the viewers, not to mention the site owners and the majority of the celebs featured here.

        P.S. I hope to God you aren’t Canadian, because that would be a huge embarrassment to us all up here.

        • SMH

          Janelle – I don’t disagree that spending $1700 on a stroller is ridiculous. It was almost the same cost as my first beat up car! But I agree w/ the others if you have to spend it’s yours to spend how you like it. And you say “we” which is a huge generalization. Have you polled your whole country to determine that? Just curious.

      • Tara

        Hi Everyone thanks so much for your nice comments. I truly had no idea an innocuous post about my stroller would have caused this. It’s not an excuse but I have no sisters, aunts, grandmothers and my mother died when I was a child- apart from a couple friends I had no clue about what to expect with motherhood. So I did what I think a lot of us may be guilty of and fall for the “expensive” is best ploy. Aside from making a huge dent in my finances my son used none of it! Live and learn they say.

        Janelle- the only thing I will say is that AMERICANS are extremely generous, kind and welcoming. So much so that they will overlook your baseless judgments and still open their arms to you. I am not going to detail what I do and do not give to charity. All I can conclude is that you must have some inner demons to have allowed something so trivial to trigger your response.

        • Anonymous

          Unfortunately there are a lot of “Janelles” out there, but my hope is that there are even more “Taras”. You are right not to add any further info about yourself, it’s YOUR business and no matter what you say it’s bound to provoke Janelle and her ilk. All I can say further, is keep posting — obviously you have a lot of supporters and people who like what you say!!!!!

        • Janelle W

          First of all I am originally from Montreal. I think spending almost $2000 on something so useless is characteristic of the type of person that buys it. If she has no qualms about wasting her money you can bet she is reinforcing these materialistic beliefs on her son and much worse. Thus creating another generation of superficial parasites. You can be guaranteed he will be raised without knowing there are people out there less privileged most likely like his mother was brought up.

          The only inner demons I have is the fact that none of you find nothing wrong
          with this.

          • Anonymous

            This is a celebrity baby site – a place where people talk about celebrities and often, compare notes and opinions on different aspects of child-rearing. People often disagree, but without knowing someone be it a celebrity or a commenter, it’s not appropriate to judge and cast stones.

  • Anonymous

    I love the orbit system. It is pricey and I could not afford it new but got a used one on eBay. It’s the best thing ever. You should try selling it- they are hard to find on the east coast and I know people woud buy them.

  • Anonymous

    I love how it says a stroll when their children aren’t even walking! I understand the concept of buggys when in busy places but this is a park and i think 4 is too old. what is wrong with a piggy back which is close contact between parent and child.

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