Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale’s London Lads

Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale's London Lads

Power couple Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale were seen shopping in Primrose Hill with their two sons – Kingston, 5 later this month, and Zuma, 3 in August – on Friday (May 6).

The high profile family browsed local shops and bought some fresh flowers before heading to a local park for some quality time together.

We’ve spotted the Stefani-Rossdales enjoying jolly ‘ole England over the past week.

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Photo credit: / Bauer Griffin / Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous

    Thats one thing I won’t let my 4 1/2 year old do anymore…..ride in her baby stroller. Kingston looks ridic….

  • Anonymous

    Looks like someone needs a root touch-up! I’m sure mom and dad will get right on that.

  • Anonymous

    I just finished looking at some earlier articles featuring Jen Garner, Alyson Hanigan and Isla Fisher and wow, what a difference. Unlike Duchess Gwen, these women are rarely seen with nannies (although I am quite sure they use nannies when they are working), seem to try to maintain a low profile and are very hands on with their kids.

    In an earlier post, someone mentioned how Gwen’s nanny was trying to haul the stroller up the stairs while Gwen and her husband just stood watching. Nice.

    • Anonymous

      Which nanny, Anonymous – they have at least 2 with them on this trip – the blonde in this article and the other day there was a dark-haired girl.

    • Lioness

      Or, Gwen could just be one of the few celebs that doesn’t bother hiding her nanny. Pictures are worth 1,000 words- but reality is worth a million. The vast majority of celebs use nannies just as consistently as Gwen does- whether you see them in the pictures or not. Making assumptions about other people’s lifestyles based on a few pictures is silly. So is assuming that having a nanny means they’re not “hands-on” mommies.

      Besides, why does it bother so many people that she always has a nanny with her? Who cares? Why do people want so badly for celebs live the same miserable lives they do? She’s doing what works for her, I don’t think that makes her a “duchess”.

      • Anonymous

        I get what people are saying here. They don’t think other celebs don’t use nannies, but based on what we see of Gwen, she is dependent on them 24/7 – not just when she is working.

        You imply that other celebs are the same way — take the nanny on all mundane errands, playground visits, trips to see grandma, etc. just like Gwen. If that were the case, they would be in the photos — why would they be “photoshopped” out of the picture for everyone else but Gwen?

        Personally it doesn’t bother me that someone has a nanny 24/7 — I would be living in a fool’s paradise if I were to equate my situation to that of a multi-millionaire and it’s like comparing apples to oranges. Comparing celebrities to one another is a bit different.

  • Anonymous

    Kingston looks just like his dad!

  • Anonymous

    Honestly why is it such a big deal that a four and a half year old is in a stroller? Now if it was a 7,8,9, or 10 year old then that might be a problem….

  • Mia

    Just beautiful! Poor Kingston , he seems tired… He looks so sweet with the flowers and Zuma is so cute

  • Anonymous

    Not a fan of this family. They seem so high maintenence. I agree with the previous poster that I much prefer the pictures of Jennifer Garner, Isla Fisher, Allison Hannigan and other celebs who are not as high maintenence.

    The stroller for the 4.5 year old is ridiculous.

    • Anonymous

      “High maintenance” – that’s a good term for it alright. Those other stars seem so “no frills” and self-sufficient by comparison. It’s not just the nannies, but they don’t parade their kids around like show ponies dyeing their hair, dressing and accessorizing them to the max. They just look like regular, every day kids in normal clothes.

      • Anonymous

        it’s not Gwen’s fault to be fashionista. Maybe Jen Garner and all the names you mentioned wasn’t all high maintenance by choice, but they just don’t have fashion sense. And i’ve never seen Jen Garner in the best dressed list celebrity so yeah go figure. And what’s wrong with putting good clothes to their kids? come on it’s like the exploit their kids to work!!! u lame.

        • Anonymous

          I think you need to re-read the posts to get a better understanding of what people have said. First off, the concept of “fashionista” (your term)– When you are out with your children running errands or at the playground, “fashion”, hair and make up are not top priorities for most people, including Jen Garner and those other celebs. Gwen Stefani wears a full face of war paint, high heels, over the top clothes to the zoo, the playground, wherever. Who is the show for? No wonder she needs nannies to come along and do all the chasing around with the kids.

          I think you can rest assured that the other celebs kids are wearing “good” clothes. Just because their parents don’t accessorize them like mini-adults doesn’t mean they aren’t dressed in high quality clothes.

          • Anonymous

            Anonymous 11:07, Not that this is the most important error in your post, but Jennifer Garner has received ‘best dressed’ accolades in the past. Thing is, when she dresses up, accessorizes and wears heavy make up, the circumstances warrant it — like maybe an awards show (you know, the Globes, Oscars, etc.) as opposed to a kids’ playground! duh.

  • Gisele

    Gwen is annoying…nuff said.

  • No Doubt!

    I’m a fan of this family! For one thing they’ve managed to stay together. How many celebrity couples can say that? Or regular folks for that matter! I don’t care if they use a dozen nannies. I wish I had a nanny to help out. I always see photos of them together as a family and can’t help but think that is a healthy environment. Five year old in a stroller seems a bit lazy to me but who cares? and Gwen looks fabulous. Jennifer Garner..I love Jen Garner. I wish I were friends with Jen Garner. I get why people like to see photos of JG and her family because they seem so familiar and down to earth.

  • Anonymous

    Lioness@ No the vast majority of celebs that are photograph do NOT use nannies just as Gwen does if a celebrity is spotted by the paparazzi and has a nanny with them their going to be pictures or videos of it on some site. As I said before other celebs us nannies but Gwen and Gavin tack it to another level they act like they can’t do anything without them not even going to a friend’s kids B-Day party, I’m not a Tori Spelling fan but her nanny is family like a secant mother to her even Tori has been photograph and videoed with her kids and Patsy which is the nanny was not there.

    As for Gwen being hands on she is to a point yes she and Gavin are at less there with their kids now they might not like to do the dry work like push the stroller, carry the kids and dipper bag whatever but their there now compared to Madonna, I’ve seen more pictures of her two youngest kids with their nannies then with Madonna herself she goes off with her latest boy toy of the month for weeks at a time doing whatever while the kids are with the nanny at home and on very slim occasions she bring them with her.

  • Anonymous

    Oh please! He’s just 4 and a half not 7!
    I agree with you , anonymous (05:53)

  • Bebe

    I don’t see the big deal either. He’s not a kid you usually see in a stroller, he’s always walking. Taking a kid to the park or zoo, they can end up with tired legs or sleepy, then you have to carry them or walk at that “I’m tired :(” pace.

    Cute photos.

  • Shirelle

    Ok Kingston is toooooooo old to be in a stroller

  • SMH

    Would anyone have anything to say if he was riding in a wagon with Zuma? Same difference just difference uses of transportation!

    It doesn’t bother me one bit that she has a nanny. If she can afford them then why not. But to me her nannies don’t scream “family” like some nannies do. We see so many of them and they change hands quite often.
    What bothers me mostly about Gwen and Gavin is that in many photos we always see a nanny carrying one child, or pushing a stroller, and although that’s their job usually that takes place when mom & dad are not around. She does seem like a good mom. She’s always out with them and playing with them – very hands on. But it just seems like if Mom and Dad are both present why does a nanny also have to be? If your not capable of handling 2 kids out and about then I def. say don’t have 3!

  • Anonymous

    I personally dont care if an almost 5 year old is in a stroller im more curious as to why neither of them are secured in their strollers in any of these pics. You would think with three responsible adults around one of them would remember to do it

  • Daniella

    That poor kid’s hair is going to be destroyed before he even turns 20 years old. I don’t care what else she does, that’s not harmful to her kids, but constantly bleaching her young son’s hair is going to destroy or severely damage it for life.

  • Anonymous

    why is kingston in a stroller he is 5 years old he is way to old for to be in a stroller

  • Anonymous.

    if i could afford nannies like her I would…wats the big deal???as for the stroller if he still fits there is no problem he has got the rest of his life to walk

  • Bink

    I’m with Bebe. I remember taking my son to Universal in FL. He was around 5. In the hot sun and big crowds, it was much easier to take him in the blue metal “strollers” you can rent. It was also easier to put our stuff in the basket in back of the seat. Parenting other peoples’ kids is always easier than your own!

  • Audrey

    If I could have afforded nannies to help I would have had them. If I looked that good I would put on the works. Never heard of anyone scarred from riding “too” long in a stroller. The odds are just as good that they will turn out as good as the children of bloggers.

  • Anonymous

    I love this family :)
    I dont think Kingston being in a pushchair is a big deal, first of all London is a busy place and being a celeb family too they are going to want to keep track of him and second of all London is massive and tiring to walk around and in the photos he looks shattered!
    Gavin and Gwen are great parents :) I love how all the pictures recently it doesnt matter whose in the puschair, they always push the same one!
    Well done to the Rossdales for keeping it real!

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