Carey Hart’s Hoping For A Boy

Carey Hart's Hoping For A Boy

Motorcross racer and dad-to-be Carey Hart is thrilled about becoming a parent, and according to Hart, wife Pink “is going to be awesome” as a mom.

But despite his confidence, Carey admits that he does have some concerns about one thing … having a daughter!

“I feel sorry if we have a girl because that whole analogy of the dad on the couch with the shotgun, well, I’m pretty heavily tattooed,” Hart tells People. “I’m pretty intimidating looking so I feel sorry for a little girl trying to bring boys home. Between my very headstrong wife and myself, I feel sorry if we have a girl.”

Boy or girl, Carey is certain that their child is going to have a pretty nice life.

“Our kid is going to have a great experience,” says Hart. “He or she is going to travel the world with us … [and] I think we’ll have a pretty well-rounded kid.”

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  • Anonymous

    For some reason, I have had a feeling all along that they were going to have a girl.

    • Anonymous

      Me too

  • Courtney

    Carey needs to get over himself and be thankful his wife and unborn child are healthy and pink has had no complications. you can’t always get what you want and he’ll love his daughter just as much as if she were a boy

    • Anonymous

      He never said he wasn’t thankful for that. I’m so confused why people care SO much that people have a “preference” for gender. It’s NOT your child or your marriage, so get over it.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure he was joking, but really even as a joke he is not at all intimidating. lol I wish them well though.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think he was saying that he wouldn’t love his daughter. It sounds more like he is concerned that she wouldn’t love him, or would be scared of him…I think this is kind of sweet actually, because he’s showing that he is feeling a little bit insecure and is thinking rather sensitively about his daughter (if it is a girl after all). But I agree, I also sense girl for them as well. Oddly enough it seems right, and if she’s anything like Pink, she’ll fit right in! :)

    • Anonymous

      His point is he’ll love her and want to protect her so much that no teenage boy will ever get a look in as they’ll be frightened off by her scary, tattooed, shotgun toting dad.

  • alaina

    if its a girl. cant wait to hear her name.

  • Anonymous

    Courtney@ Calm down your over reacting to what he said you seem like such a drama queen.

  • SMH

    Carey is only making a joke, nothing to take seriously.

    I think it was said early on it was a girl but I have a feeling that Pink was making jokes and they actually dont know the sex. I’m still thinkin “Pink” for this one 😉

  • Anonymous

    I know he was joking, but I still think he needs to get over himself a bit. He’s not intimidated at all. lol

    • Anonymous

      How the hell would you know if he’s intimidated? That’s a really annoying statement. Do you know him personally? Obviously not.

      • Anonymous

        Wow. You got yourself riled up there, didn’t you? It was a typo. I meant intimidatING (as he said he was in the article). You need to breathe a bit.

        • Anonymous

          you’re the drama queen if you think he needs to get over himself. ridiculous.

          • Anonymous

            I had no idea the Carey Hart fanclub was on CBS. The man is not intimidating and does need to get over himself. Sorry.

          • Anonymous

            I wasn’t aware Carey Hart’s fan club was on this site. I don’t find him to be intimidating. Sorry.

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