Miranda Kerr: Model Mom

Miranda Kerr: Model Mom

We caught a glimpse of baby Flynn today as he joined his mom Miranda Kerr for some power shopping in West Hollywood, California (May 10).

Dressed in a black pencil skirt and chic white blouse, the Victoria’s Secret beauty looked every inch the model mama as she stopped in at Herve Leger, where she picked up a top priced at $1,050.

Miranda’s handsome hubby Orlando Bloom recently said that he’s head-over-heels for his new baby boy: “He’s my boy, he’s amazing…. Everything you know, all the things that you thought were important, drift into the background. And even things that were important really come to the fore and he’s one of them.”

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Photo credit: Fame, Flynet Pictures

  • Anonymous

    Good lord, that’s a big baby! Isn’t he only like 3 months old?

    • Anonymous

      he’s 4 months. and not that big. i bet she is tiny. looks about the size of my 4 month old boy.

      • Anonymous

        Tiny??? She’s a model, 5’9” . This baby is HUGE

        • Anonymous

          Maybe the poster above meant “tiny” as in her weight, not her height. One can be tall, but small in build.

  • Anonymous

    oh she is no michelle obama, and obviously she doesn’t take her earth mother save the resources role too seriously.

    but, can’t wait to see little flynn grow older, he’s gonna have miranda’s face on orlando’s body. how cute!!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t understand the context of “She’s no Michelle Obama”. Can you please explain?

  • Courtney

    actually Flynn is 4 months old and the baby fat will wear off eventually besides he was’t small at birth 9lbs 12oz. Models aren’t celebrities and Orlando isn’t exactly his generations Clark Gable or Paul Newman in the looks or talent department Gable won an oscar on Wensday February 27th 1935 and Newman won his on Monday March 30th 1987 his 7th best actor nomination he’d also been nominated for best picture in 1969 nominated for best actor an 8th time march 27th 1995 and his last nomination best supporting actor March 23rd 2003 the oldest actor ever nominated for a competetive oscar oldest actress ever nominated for a competetive oscar was Gloria Stuart for Titanic in March 1998

    • Marilyn

      Courtney: My dad knew Paul Newman when they were young in Cleveland — Paul was about 15/16 and my dad 10/11. He used to call my dad his little buddy.

    • Anonymous

      Wow Courtney. Wow.

    • Anonymous

      ok rainman

  • Anon569

    She went in with a baby and came out with no baby what happened to him?lol

    • Sophia

      Oops I think she left him in the changing room…

  • Morgan

    I just googled it and he was born on Jan 6th which makes him approx 4 months old. Looks a lot older though

  • Anna

    How is this story about Clark Gable, Paul Newman, or Oscar nominations? The baby is adorable!

    • Sophia

      Because Courtney’s here and that’s what she does.

  • Nina D.

    Wow! Flynn already looks like Orlando so much!

  • LeeLee

    That is one cute baby! In a year it looks like he’ll outweigh his mama.

  • Anonymous

    I think he already does outweigh his mama!

  • Anonymous

    Such a cute and precious little boy. No wonder Orlando is over the moon.

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