Khloe Kardashian: My Mom’s “Completely Obsessed” With Me Getting Pregnant

Khloe Kardashian: My Mom's "Completely Obsessed" With Me Getting Pregnant

Khloe Kardashian has spoken before about the pressure she feels from fans and the public to get pregnant and start a family with husband Lamar Odom. But it looks like she’s getting even more heat closer to home – from mom Kris Jenner.

“My family would love me to have a baby, but my mom is completely obsessed,” Khloe says. “Once, she asked my assistant to find out when I was ovulating. Mom had her call my gynecologist and then told me to plan a time to have sex with my husband.”

“Mom calls me all the time with different sex positions to try, she’s crazy,” the Khloe & Lamar star continues. “I have to keep reminding her that I’m her daughter, not a girlfriend.”

And it isn’t just Khloe who’s getting mom’s, uh, advice. Kris is also putting the pressure on daughter Kourtney to marry Scott Disick, the father of her 15-month-old son Mason. “I would love for them to get married. I mean, they have a baby and it’s time to make that, you know, a full-on legitimate family,” Kris says.

And while they’re at it, can they hurry up and have another baby, too? “They’re being a little stingy with the grandchildren. I need some more!” she laughs.

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  • Tiffany

    I hate to say this, but it’s probably because she wants to make sure his a** is locked up financially when comes to Khlo…have that ball players baby and your set..LOL

    • Tina

      Except her husband has been public about wanting her to get pregnant real soon. He said in interviews they’re having fun working on it.LOL

    • Dee

      I dont think they really need Lamar’s money, but you never know!!
      They will make some cute babies though!! :)

    • Anonymous

      dont be such a hater, shes just a normal grandmother and you’re just jealous.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. Khloe married Lamar. Lamar did nor marry Kris. She needs to stay out of their married life, within reason. It does seem as though she wants to secure a financial position for her daughter. WIth Lamar’s income.child support would enable Khloe to maintain a certain life style. Sad, no wonder the girl talked to her mother like a dog when she cursed her out. No respect for the daughter or the mother.

  • Nina D.

    I feel for you, Khloe. If my Grandmother was still alive, I’d be getting the, ‘When are you gonna get married? When are you gonna have a baby?’ thing every damn day.

  • Anonymous

    Her assistant can’t just call her gynecologist and find out when she’s ovulating. Come on…

  • rachel s

    poor khloe. her mom annoys me

  • Anonymous

    her mom is so intrusive!

  • Anonymous

    All of them are nothing but media obsessed, money hungry low life pigs.

  • Anonymous

    well she certainly has birthing hips

  • Anonymous

    Kris Jenner is the same as and even worst than Kate Gosselin She’s a pimp! smh

  • SMH

    that’s just weird.

  • Ashley

    I haven’t caught any of her shows because I’m too caught up in The Apprentice on Sundays, but I ask….Has she stopped the baby talk?
    Kris Jenner is known world-wide as being a pimp…not a “mother” to her kids.
    You’d think she’d find that loser son of hers a job by now, he really disgusts me!

  • carolinealine2006

    I’m sure she has the best intentions but the more Khloe talks about it, sounds like the more Kris is just trying to cash out on the girls popping out kids left and right. Kourtney should have another baby? Um… maybe they should ask her if she even wants another one. I’ll doubt she’ll marry Scott either. If she’s in no rush and neither is she, I doubt it will ever happen. I think the next person that will get married is Kim and only because she seems to be looking for it. I just hope she doesn’t look for it too hard and then she has a 15 hour marriage or something.

    I didn’t like these girls in the beginning but watching their shows and everything now, as a parent, I would loose Kris as a manager ASAP. She’s too obsessed with the “fame,” aspect of it and she’s getting too old to make excuses for it. However, she is still a great Mom at her core and that’s where her focus should be. She needs to let go and be her own person, and stop trying to live it up through her girls.

  • Jocelynn Iniiquueezz <3

    Whatt Thee Shiiit?
    Seriouslyy Kriss Hass Too Stopp Pressurinqq Khloe To Get It In Withh Lamar Lol. . . . . ii Meann Khloe Will Havee A Beutifull Sonn Wenn Herr Timee Is Readyy ii Lovee Kholee And ii Gett Sadd Lookinqq Att Her Stressiinqq Out! :(

  • Anonymous

    Get over it already. The one poster is right, Kris is pimping all those girls out to secure their financial futures. Kim screws around the NFL and has moved on to the NBA since her sissy has dug into it. Of course Lamar wants to work on having kids. He’s a man! It’s sex. With your wife, it’s unprotected. What man wouldn’t want that whenever they can get it? Khloe and Kourt are only factors because of being related to Kim and Kim’s only a factor because of…. oh yeah….. getting caught on tape laying on her back. All this yapping to the media confirms they’re media whores. If you’re gonna do it, quit making it everyone’s business. It’s supposed to be a special, personal moment between a couple. And sorry to say, this union won’t last so Khloe needs to pop one out to secure the finances. She may have money, but it ain’t like “Kim” money. It is what it is.

    • Stephanie

      i think its funny all the negative remarks on this forum begin w/ “anonymous”
      who the hell r u to say that “it is SUPPOSED to be a PERSONAL moment” if thats ur opinion and how YOU would choose ur life, then thats fine. but that doesnt mean that is the way it is SUPPOSED to be. honestly, there is no ONE WAY tht\at anything is SUPPOSED to be. if that was the case, we would all be the same have the same opinions and our minds would work and think exactly the same. but they dont. therefore, how is it even possible to say that there is ONE way for any situation (big or small) to work out. they obviously dont mind to make it everyone’s business. so let them live theri lives te way they please w/o judging them. bcuz u prolly watchin the show and readin the articles, in complete envy of their lives. and i love how having sex w/ someone is made out to be so grossm and wrong when that, if anything, is our sole purpose in life. its the most natural thing in the world next to eating and shitting. just to make it clear, she wasnt “caught” on tape laying her back. a personal, private home sex tape that she made w/ her BOYFRIEND of 2 yrs @ the time. was wrongfully leaked out into the media. if she wanted to get famous from having sex she could have easily become porn star. they dont get as much shit as she does for being filmed while having sex, and half the time, they just met the person they r screwing. im not downin porn stars. just sayin. and just to let all u haters know. these girls (including khloe and kourtney) make more money than probably everyone on this forum combined w/o lamar and scott and reggie and kris and the sex tapes and all of that. they were working on careers in the fashion business and all of that long before any of that came along. they just so happen to be BEAUTIFUL women, that were already close to the “media life” bcuz of their friends and oh yeah, their father. look at the whole big picture before u pass judgement cuz u just make urself sound like an ignorant ass. u know u’d be doin the same shit if in their shoes so quit hatin!

      • Anonymous

        Ok. Stephanie you should have flagged your post as anonymous because your response was not only defensive; but ignorant. Just as you have your opinion, so does everyonelse. It seems as though you have taken the beliefs of others as personal. Perhaps you need to get a life of your own and stop livining virtually through the Kardashian. They don’t know you nor do they care about you.
        You stated that sex is the most natural thing in the world. Perhaps so; but having class, style, and standards as a woman should also be a consideration. If a guy called you a whore, I am sure you would be ticked off. So, go ahead and do the “natural” thing as much as you like. Nobody cares. I am sure your reputation will. Ok, they make more money. What is your point? They make more than you as well. And?

        • Anonymous

          You both sound incredibly ignorant. Please learn how to use a ;

      • Ellen DeMaria


  • Stephanie

    for one, they dont need lamar’s money. two, they r a completely normal family and kris is the best mom she can be, just like the rest of us. ppl r different & there r alot worse mothers and families out there. u just dont watch their lives on tv. if rob not having a job really “disgusts” someone. then maybe that person should get more of a life & quit worrying about someone else’s work ethic. why does someone u dont even know, get to u that much to say that he “disgusts” you. i could only imagine the horrific things u must have to say about all the drug/alcohol addicted, in & out of jail celebs that we have. if someone who was born into a rich family, w/ a mother that WANTS to take care of her only son as long as she can, not having a job gets to u that much.
    its not like khloe is actually letting the pressure influence her into having a baby when she’s not ready.
    and everyone is quick to try and say kris is “pimp” like what, she’s pimping out her daughters. they r a VERY CLOSE family. closer than any family i know. yes im sure it bothers them that kris is “in their personal” a bit much. but at the end of the day they know she’s only lookin out for their best interest. just like any “good” loving mother would. yes it seems that way when all u focus on is the fact that she tries to set her daughters up w/ men. makes comments that they need to have babies and get married. but she’s not doing so to try to get them to have babies and get married to and with rich men. she also pushes for them to have their own careers, to make their own money. if she solely was depending on rich athletes to take care of her daughters, why does she put so much pressure on them to make their own money and teach them how to be successful business women. also, how many celebrities out there ONLY have relationships w/ other celebrities or rich ppl. they kinda have to. MOST of the time, only other celebrities can keep up w/ the fast pace life style of a celebrity. and what is kim supposed to do. go get hooked up w/ one of her “fans” who will only be w/ her for her money and symbol that she stands for in the media. not her as a person. so yes if i was celebrity i would probably only date other celebs too. sure some ppl get lucky. but its not likely. ask j.lo how well it worked out being married to waiter, while she was a rising pop star. um yeah, she;s not married to him anymore for a reason.,,
    one last thing. YES her assistant probably could call her dr and get personal information like that. what the hell do u think celebrities have assistants for? they have such busy lives and cant be 5 places at once. celebrities assistants usually, have access to all of their personal documents, dr’s, bank accounts, etc. they have to inorder to do their job. im not saying it doesnt come w/ a price. that things like that could happen. or they could steal money. thats just the risk u gotta take, and hope u have good judgment.
    i just love how its so easy to judge someone bcuz they r willling to put their lives on tv for ppl to see. they r entertaining us, as their job title says they should so quit being so damn judgmental and quick to point finges. when more than likely half of the ppl that reply to these forums, should take a good look in the mirror & put some of the same judgment on their selves & their lives.

    • musiclover

      Yeah……um, I doubt anyone is going to take the time to read all of this. Of course you can write whatever you want, but if you want people to actually read it, it’s better to keep it short and to the point.

  • Anonymous

    I watch the show because I think they are entertaining. I’m not judging, not taking offense to anyone’s comment and nor am I disrespecting anyone’s opinion. That would be ignorant. I don’t think the nay-sayers are haters, I think they are expressing their opinion. They should be able to. Looking at the last few posts, I hope they came from the family members/close friends/or a Kardashian because if it didn’t, that’s a little sad that people will down others thoughts because they don’t agree. Agree to disagree, make your comment about the article and move on. Now THAT’S what makes the world go round. Differences.

  • Cindy

    i hate how kim screws around w/ all of the NFL

    khloe was so desperate she married so quickly.

    KOURTNEE is the only one i respect. She built her own network and empire.
    she is a hardworking mom


  • DJohnston

    Watched the show as her mom told her she was fat, in my opinion, she’s beautiful and needs to change NOTHING! Klhoe, YOUR NOT FAT! Just concentrate on you and Lamar and when its time, you’ll get pregnant. Your mom needs to butt out and let you be!

  • teena

    okay first of all i think Khloe looks hot! she is NOT fat. sure, she may not be a stick skinny or whatever but at least she looks nice in all of the right places. i would respect her less if she DID listen to all of the media, starved herself, took diet pills, ect. just to please everyone. she does what she wants and thats what i like about her. GO KHLOE!!! FUCK THE HATERS!

  • Anonymous

    Stephanie@ They did get famous from Kim’s Sex tape that’s how they got media attention just like Paris Hilton no one really knew who she was until her sex tape care out and that got the media’s to take notes of her and then her face was all over the place just like Kim.

    I have no respect Kourtnee she pimps out her kid for money which she does not need, she says she wanted to protect Mason from the media by not having him on the show and E! The network that produces her show said that Scot wanted 5000 for Mason to be on the show and E! said no so he not on it. Yet he on/in every magazine she and her family are in even when it has nothing to do with him, how is that protecting him from the media.

  • Anonymous

    Person above me should really stop believing everything they read. Unless they heard that directly from a kardashian or E! Employee, then it is kind of ignorant to have no respect for someone they don’t know, never met, and never knew the true facts about. But oh well, people will have their opinions and yes some will be ignorant.

  • Anonymous

    I think the fact that ya’ll talk abt the kardashians means they r famous enough to move ur lives
    Don’t judge lest ye be judged…kris is a mom..pushing for her kids to get married, have kids and hustle..which mum doesn’t do that?
    Fat, thin, gorgeous, rich, poor…that’s just too personal..
    Basically they have found an equation that works..and it brings them an income, don’t hate-appreciate and may b some good will come yer way too

  • Anonymous

    I think Kris interfers too much in her daughters lives. for Gawd sake,they are adults not babies. I think its high tym the gals butt her out of thier private lives.

  • Courtney

    Am suspecting the anonymous, is angry with Lamar, dumping her(Liza Morales) for Khloe, sorry pweety….. she can play the game and Upgrade ur sex life ok. it not all about making babies , Khloe is not a Gold digger like you ok. Pls do grow up and save ur precous time.

  • Anonymous

    this girls are not beatiful at all, kim kardashian gets a lots of help for her make up and clothes and this is fact because if you see them at the first season they dont look the same or wear the same clothes, they are fat and fake but it doesnt mean i hate them i just definitely have a different opinion THANK GOD

  • Pammy82

    Love the Kardashians especially Khloe!! They are human like everyone else.. Who are we to judge.. Kourtney is a beautiful successful woman and a great mother, Kim is a hard worker and Khloe is a hard working, independent, beautiful and confident woman.. Everyone has their own opinion but people be kind.. like Audrey Hepburn said” For beautiful eye’s look for the good in people, for beautiful lips speak only words of kindness.”… And Khloe love, u are so not FAT, keep smiling and making people laugh you’re confidence is the only thing PHAT about ya!!

  • buki

    I dnt really tink der Χ anytin wrong wit kris wanting kloe to get pregnant,every mother wants it.i aint α̲̅ celeb n my mum Χ breathing down on my neckto get pregnant.

  • Pamela

    I don’t want to say anything bad all the girls are big enough to say no to anything Kris sets up for them so how can you call her a pimp anyway I just wanted to say I love all the Kardashians shows I just wish Kim would find her special someone my husband passed away in Jan of this year he was my best friend we did everything together I miss him so much but I thank God everyday for the time we had it was great & I would not trade a second of it I wish this happiness for everyone it is the best feeling in the world but I just wanted to say I love all the girls they are beautiful and are blessed to have the life they have I lost both my parents so I know how you feel when you talk about your dad they say time heals & I know it does get easier I lost my dad in 2002 & my mom in 2004 but I still miss them but losing my husband is new only 4 months so I just take it one day at a time good luck ladies hope all your dreams come true just because you have money does not mean you are happy I think heart full of LOVE makes you happy that’s just me

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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