Nick Cannon Reveals Mariah Carey Was Visited By Social Worker In Hospital

Nick Cannon Reveals Mariah Carey Was Visited By Social Worker In Hospital

Nick Cannon and wife Mariah Carey couldn’t be more thrilled to finally welcome twins Monroe and Moroccan into their lives.

Throughout their pregnancy, and even after the babies were delivered, the couple shared details of their joyful journey to family, friends, and fans alike. But during a recent appearance on Piers Morgan Tonight, Cannon revealed that at least one person took advantage of their candidness, which led to a surprise visit from a social worker.

According to Nick, a call was made to Child Protective Services after someone heard that Carey followed a nurse’s suggestion and drank a small amount of dark beer to help with breastfeeding. That one tip somehow turned into allegations of drug and alcohol use, and the Grammy-winning artist getting a visit from a social worker during her hospital stay.

“I guess someone maybe overheard that and [thought] this is a good way to make a quick buck, or call the tabloids,” Cannon explained, adding, “People will do anything to try to conjure up a story.”

A story wasn’t the only thing they were after. It appears that the individual was hoping to get the social worker to take a picture of the twins, so they could sell them.

“Taxpayer money was wasted, too, because this was labeled an emergency,” said Nick. “It was ridiculous.”

Despite the stress of the situation, Carey and her little ones are doing well, still resting at the hospital. Cannon says that the babies, who were recently released from the NICU, will likely come home “Sunday or Monday, at the latest.”

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  • klutzy_girl

    I can’t believe a nurse did this. It is so disgusting that they stooped this low. And at this point, I don’t blame Mariah and Nick if they decide to do a magazine cover with the twins so the paps don’t get the first shot.

  • shivasgirl

    she is still in the hospital??? Those babies are nearly 2 weeks old, unless something is wrong that they are not saying, why wouldnt she want to recoup in the comfort of her own home. I am sure she can afford an RN to come look after her and the babies

    • Sam

      It says they were just released from the NICU

    • Annie123

      Well the babies were born a bit premature so they’re in the NICU for a couple days.

  • Anonymous

    It is sad what some people will do to make a quick buck, but Nick needs to get off his high horse because he and his wife will sell any part of their privet life to make a quick buck the only difference is that they don’t feed of other they pimp out themselves.

    • Victoria

      That’s so ridiculous. I’ve tired quickly of the few comments I’ve seen of people saying some celebrity is pimping themselves out. These people are multimillionaires through their own careers, they don’t need to pimp themselves out. Sometimes they take pics of their own volition but when it comes to their kids, they do these covers is so that they won’t have the paparazzi hounding them over a simple picture. And if you feel so badly that these people are pimping out their children then why are you on a sight with pictures of their children???

  • Tazina

    They should get out of that hospital as soon as possible before some opportunist does find a way to take a photo of the babies. It appears there are members of the Hospital staff there who cannot be trusted. Their attempt to make a profit to get Social Services involved and then have that person take a photo is incredibly lame. Someone needs to be fired.

  • Mia

    How ridiculous. Everyone advises a new mom to drink black beer for breastfeeding :) There is a big difference between getting drunk on the stuff and having the occassional half glass (I did).

  • Anonymous

    A small amount of beer is recommended by health visitors and midwives if babies are low birth weight as it bulks up the calories in the milk. The babies were in the NICU so she prob benefitted them by doing so. Such a shame that people can’t applaud her for attempting to breastfeed twins and instead they exploit the info.

  • Anonymous

    That is stupid. I did the same to bring my milk in and it worked! I think it’s silly anyone would mistake that for being a drug abusing alcoholic. I mean you have a dark beer with a good dinner and plenty of water and an hour later wah la breastmilk and the alcohol is out of your system and the breastmilk. My child was never drunk lol The craziness. I usually only had half a beer anyways just because it’s all I needed. At least she wants to breastfeed.

  • Anonymous


    tummy tuck!

    • Victoria

      Psssst, She had a C-Section and the babies had to stay in the NICU for a while so she stayed in the hospital with them, just so you know.

  • SMH

    Well they both annoy me however that’s so stupid that CPS was called on them for something so minor. Drunks, crackheads, and abusers have kids everyday and CPS doesn’t ever do a damn thing in most cases! Maybe they should focus on those families instead!


    How ridiculous

  • flomo

    well i can not sand when people would try o do something to get nick cannon and mariah in the spot light. i believe mariah carey and nick cannon will be great parents. And i am a high fan of mariah. Nick cannon is the best. All of this misunderstanding will g away. an everyone wil be glad she have a family and fans who love her.

  • Courtney

    it was a scam to get pictures for free. Mariah had an infection after the c-section so had to stay for some extra days and wasn’t gonna leave the twins alone in the nicu. I also believe her & Nick will be wonderful parents both of them have always loved children. nor is them eventually selling pics to a magazine a new phenomenon it’s been done for more than 70 years

  • racahel

    how funny there just hating cuz shes never in the news cuz she like to be discreet i dont blame her when we gonna c them already y aint they takin pics

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