Happy 1st Birthday Cosima Vaughn Drummond!

Happy 1st Birthday Cosima Vaughn Drummond!

Name: Cosima Violet Vaughn Drummond

Date of Birth: May 14, 2010

Parents: Claudia Schiffer & Matthew Vaughn

Siblings: Caspar Matthew (01/30/03) & Clementine (11/11/04)


  • Cosima was born via c-section
  • She arrived on a Monday at The Portland Hospital in London, England
  • Her full name was revealed 11 days after her birth

“I have just had my third child in May and I am definitely not going to have any more. I love being a mum but I am happy with what I have got, so now that’s it.” – Claudia, in 2010, on her complete family.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Camila

    OMG, I can’t believe she’s already one year old! It looks like she was born yesterday. I wish we could see a recent photo of her, I bet she is extremely cute!

    Happy bday baby girl, I wish the best in this world!

  • alaina

    love her children names Casper Clemetine Cosima.

  • Anonymous

    where does the drummond come from?

  • Anonymous

    Why is the last name Drummand and not Vaughn?

  • Anonymous

    Surname: Matthew found out as an adult that his father was De Vere Drummond, not Vaughn as he was raised, but the kids already were using that surname in school. It looks like it has suited them to join the name the children already had with one that accurately shows his heritage. He will still go by Matthew Vaughn as that is the name he is known for with his career. But I read that he actually has changed it to De Vere Drummond for official purposes.

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