Jennifer Garner’s Happy-Go-Lucky Girl

Jennifer Garner's Happy-Go-Lucky Girl

Five-year-old Violet seemed to be in great spirits today as she headed home from an art class in Santa Monica, California with her mom Jennifer Garner (May 17).

Accessorizing her comfy clothes with yellow rain boots and a beaded necklace, happy Vi skipped along as the sweet pair made their way back to the car.

Just yesterday we spotted Violet’s little sister Seraphina, also full of smiles, spending a day out with mom.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Anonymous

    Whew, for a while there I thought I was gonna miss out on my dose of sweetness from Jen and her little one(s) today. How freaking adorable is Violet? Thanks CBS!

  • boyscout

    Okay, I’m a Jen Garner fan and I think her girls are cuties and all..but your comment is a bit creepy.


    Boy scout…. I hope and think that Anonymous May 18 236 am was being sarcastic due to frequency of Jen Garner and family postings…. Again I am hoping that otherwise it did read as a bit creepy… LOL

  • Anonymous

    ITA with both of you. It’s scary either way (that they are “creepy” or that they have that much time on their hands to post a prank comment)!

  • SallyAnn

    Unfortunately, I think she was serious, but hopefully not in
    The “stalker” phase. Yet. I hope…

  • Anonymous

    She always gets the most comments and I think Jen looks rather cute here and Violet is always a cutie patootie.

  • boyscout

    YeahYeahYeah, I mean, I totally get the fan love because Jen Garner is one of the few celebs I’d actually care to meet and know, and her girls are super cute and adorable but.. whoa. I just thought the comment sounded a bit creepy but also hilarious if they were just being sarcastic. Jen does get A LOT of attention on this site.

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