Rachel Zoe: The Future’s So Bright

Rachel Zoe: The Future's So Bright

The future is looking bright for fashion stylist Rachel Zoe and her husband Roger Berman. The two were out Friday (May 27) with 2-month-old baby Skyler, in Beverly Hills – shopping for sunglasses.

The new mom and dad seemed relaxed and happy together as they shopped for shades and tried a few pairs on.

On her new role, the fashionista says: “Life is amazing, it’s perfect. It’s complete, I’m in love and I can’t see straight.”

Hmm…Perhaps her next stop should be at the eyeglass store!

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    She looks a lot older than her husband. He could pass for early 30’s but she looks more like 50. Maybe while she’s at the eyeglass store, she should check out granny bi-focals.

  • Anonymous

    She would look so-o-o much better (healthier!) if she put on some weight and found a new hair stylist. Unless you are Cindy Crawford or Christy Brinkley, long hair isn’t the most flattering look once you hit the big 4-0!

  • Anna

    I really don’t want to be mean but how can she breastfeed when she has no boobs? Nicole Richie was that skinny when she got pregnant, but then she had boobs. Anyway I like the name Skyler!!

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