Kelis: Motherhood Is “The Most Amazing Privilege”

Kelis: Motherhood Is "The Most Amazing Privilege"

Almost two years after the birth of her son Knight, singer Kelis says that she had no idea the profound impact that motherhood would have on her.

“I always wanted to be a mother because that’s what women do, but not because I really understood what it meant,” Kelis, 31, tells Attitude magazine. “Now I understand it’s the most amazing thing in the world.”

Having split from Knight’s dad Nas just months before giving birth, Kelis has been raising her son as a single mom.

“There’s nothing burdensome about it, it’s just the most amazing privilege… ” the Milkshake singer gushes. “It’s a real gift from God and it’s amazing.”

Looking back, Kelis says that there was no way she could have understood what motherhood was really about – until she experienced it.

“I don’t think anyone ever explained it to me that way. You can’t really prepare for it. No one can tell you how intense the love is, and how rewarding it is.”

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  • Anonymous

    I really love how she says it is a privilege to be a parent. I hope I can remember that when after I have my first baby in a few weeks.

    • carolyn Robertson

      Congrats! :)

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