Tori Spelling Is Stellar In Stripes

Tori Spelling Is Stellar In Stripes

Is she carrying high, or low?

Hot mama Tori Spelling was spotted leaving a salon in Beverly Hills on Tuesday (May 31). The reality TV starlet, now in her second trimester, says that she and hubby Dean McDermott aren’t going to find out the sex of baby number three, but in a recent tweet, Spelling admitted that temptation almost got the best of her!

“Had 2nd tri preg screening 2day,” Tori told her followers. “Dr. Said he 100% knows sex. Tempted but dnt find out.”

Stay strong “T”!

But just because she doesn’t want to know, doesn’t mean we can’t take a guess!

What do you think…

Are Liam, 4, and Stella, 2, going to have a baby brother or sister?

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  • klutzy_girl

    If the doctor is 100% sure about the sex of the baby, another boy? Because can you be 100% certain if you think it’s a girl?

    Like the dress.

  • Anonymous

    Uh, you know carrying high or low doesn’t actually mean anything with respect to the sex, right?

  • Josie123

    i think, you can´t know the sex to 100 % until the birth !!! but i think, she´s having a boy !

  • Anonymous


  • Angela

    Wonder what she had done at the salon?

  • ZaraB

    By ‘2nd tri preg screening’, does she mean the 18-20 week scan (usually done at 19 weeks here in Australia)? Does anyone from the US know? Regarding the sex, I would guess that if the doctor claims to be ‘100% sure’ (which he can’t really be unless she’s had a CVS or an amnio), I would say she’s more likely to be having a boy, as it’s much easier to identify a boy at that gestation (I have heard of many people being told at 19 weeks that they’re having girls, only to deliver boys, whereas most people told they’re having boys at 19 weeks go on to have boys…)

  • Anonymous

    Cute dress–she looks great. Must own alot of red lipstick-would luv to see her without it though !

  • Anonymous

    I hate the new show bring back the old Tori and Dean with the family time ! I miss watching the kids grow !

  • Payton

    I’m pretty sure that Liam and Stella will be getting a new brother! That was my guess even before Tori tweeted that her doctor was 100% sure on the gender:)

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