Kendra Wilkinson & Hank, Jr. Are Staying In L.A.

Kendra Wilkinson & Hank, Jr. Are Staying In L.A.

She’s followed her hubby, Hank Baskett‘s career since marrying the pro-baller in 2009 — literally, but now that there’s a chance he’ll be heading to the Minnesota Vikings, Kendra Wilkinson says that she and son, Hank, Jr, 1, won’t be moving to the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

“Oh, no, I’m staying in L.A.,” the former Playboy Playmate and Dancing With the Stars contestant tells Life & Style. But don’t believe the tabloid-hype that’s sure to come; her decision is in no way a sign of trouble in the couple’s marriage.

“We have a home here,” Kendra explains, adding, “I’ll visit. We just moved into our brand-new house.”

It’s not the first time they’ve had to carry on a long-distance relationship, but for the reality TV couple, it definitely doesn’t get any easier.

“He’s my everything,” Wilkinson says of her husband. “Being apart, we miss each other.”

Kendra and Hank don’t plan on letting geography ruin their relationship — or their plans to expand their family!

So when can we expect baby number 2?

“The time is coming,” Wilkinson tells the magazine. “Hank’s on the same page as me. He’s ready!”

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  • Grace

    I think it’s horrible that Hank is willing to leave his child behind to work in another state. His son is only going to be young for such a small time and he’s going to miss out on so many important moments (and all so he can play on a team that he will most likely get dropped from in 6 months anyway.)

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, but this is a job for Hank, he is making money to support his child. What is he going to do, just not work?? It sounds like this is more of Kendra not wanting to move to Minnesota with him because she doesn’t want to be out of the Hollywood spotlight

      • Grace

        They have a reality show, why don’t they support their child with that money.

        • Anonymous

          Because it’s Hank’s job? Because you obviously have no idea how much a reality show pays, or that it won’t last forever? Because it’s none of your business?

          • Grace

            Yes, I do realize how much a reality show pays. And yes it is my business, Kendra makes her personal life everyone’s business by plastering it all over her show and all over magazine interviews. So take a chill pill and stop acting so defensive just because I don’t worship the ground Kendra and Hank walk on.

    • Amandarene

      “I think it’s horrible that Hank is willing to leave his child behind to work in another state.”
      Would you say the same thing about people in the military? They leave their families for sometimes longer than a year. They do this because it is their job, and to support their family. There is no shame in supporting your family however you can.
      And yes they do have a tv show as a source of income, but playing football is Hanks job. I think he should play football for as long as he is able, because their tv show may not last much longer…you never know in Hollywood.

  • Anonymous

    Why is this a surprise? It’s not practical for the whole family to be moving around constantly. He could sign a contract and then get cut a week later and sign with a different team, which is what did in fact happen to him last year. Many professional athletes’ families live permanently in a different place from where the athlete plays, especially when the athlete is someone who does not have a long-term contract and can never be sure what team he will be playing for year-to-year, month-to-month, or even week-to-week.

  • Tazina

    Kendra can fly in frequently with baby Hank. Who would want to live in Minnesota in the winter if they have a home in California? It will work out fine if both are committed to the marriage.

  • Anonymous

    Huge fan!! Keep up the good job on everything you do Kendra you deserve it!!

    • Anonymous

      I agree! People need to stop judging their relationship. They seem to be making it work better than any other reality couple. I think they are doing a fantastic job and Hank is an amazing man!

  • cindy

    I would move with my family. It would only be for a couple of months. I think that being in Minnesota is not her thing, she definitely likes the warmer climate. I also feel that Hank has done everything she wanted to do. He left his hometown of Clovis and settled in where she wanted to be. I know she wants a home base, but if you love somone an he is your all, a few months is not going to hurt.

    • Victoria

      Yes but his job entails him moving to many places for just a few months, not just this one time out of the year. On their tv show, he and Kendra were buying homes in places that they would not be living forever, and selling and buying homes and moving around all the time is a pain in the butt and not worth it.

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