Carey Hart Is A Doting Daddy

Carey Hart Is A Doting Daddy

Beaming with pride!

New dad Carey Hart enjoyed a stroll on the beach in Malibu, Calif. while wearing his 8-day-old baby girl, Willow Sage, on Friday (June 10). Grammy Award-winning mama Pink napped this one out.

We just spotted the family-of-three taking a beachside hike with baby Willow earlier this week.

Just two days after the birth of his daughter, the 35-year-old freestyle motocross motorcycle racer took to Twitter to share his joy.

My wife @Pink owns my heart,” the motorcross racer wrote today. “And she just gave me my best achievment of my life #WillowSageHart . Medals and flips got nothing on her.”

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  • carolyn Robertson

    So so sweet!

  • Anonymous

    Hot hot hot!!! I bet the baby is cute too 😉

  • popsykl

    shes brave i wouldnt let my hubby take the baby out without me

  • Anonymous

    popsykl@ How is she brave that the father of her child and as such she knows he can tack care of their child without her micromanaging him.

    • popsykl

      i would never be brave enough to have my newborn away from me!!!!!! i have had 7 of them, and none have ever been away from mummy so pink and i differ……i am a clingy mum

  • Anonymous

    Is he a singer? Remember that song “Sunglasses at Night” back in the 80’s? When I saw his name, I had a flashback and swear it was Carey Hart.

    • Anonymous

      He’s a freestyle motocross racer. :)

      And he is beaming! So adorable.

    • Anonymous

      The singer is Corey Hary not Carey

  • Anonymous

    He’s a moto-sport superstar

  • Anonymous

    The singer you are talking about is Corey Hart.

  • amy

    popsykl – you wouldn’t LET your husband take your baby out without you? is it not HIS baby too?

    from these pics, you cannot tell if mommy is with them or not. and if she’s not, i’m sure she’s perfectly fine with the baby’s FATHER taking her on a walk while mommy gets a much needed and much deserved break.

    • popsykl

      Sorry but never ever would i let him take the baby out without me and my BOOBS!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    popsykl : what if your husband didn’t let you get out with the baby without him?

    • popsykl

      dont be daft!!! i wouldnt ever GO OUT with out my baby and leave it with my husband……………….LIKE are you mad

  • Mia

    how bout everyone get off Popsykl’s back and get over yourselves, jeez! Is that all you people know how to do is criticize, belittle, condescend, and just be all around negative? Besides I get what he/she is saying, don’t think it came out quite right and I don’t think he/she intended for all y’all to take it so litterally. GET OVER YOURSELVES!

    • Anony

      Hmm. Turn off your caps – you’re yelling. Then chill our and practice what you preach.

    • popsykl

      its alright mia…i am 38 i have had 7 babies……and i have never left one with daddy (while they are a newborn), and he knows and understands that MY babies belong with ME!!!! not him when they are tiny

  • Destiny

    Mia@ What about you getting over youself…

  • Anonymous

    How sweet! Love that he is baby wearing! Just now learned the baby name and I about DIED…I had a boy, but the girl name we picked out was Willow Sage! Very cute pictures.

  • In your face

    LOL! Hmmm, I didn’t know one could “yell” on a comment board. Also, how about you two learn how to spell! HAHA!

    • Audrey

      Ha ha. I can spell. Just can’t always type. And all caps indicates yelling in computer etiquette.

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