Christina Aguilera: The Key To A Happy Child Is A Happy Parent

Christina Aguilera: The Key To A Happy Child Is A Happy Parent

To say it’s been a difficult year for Christina Aguilera would be putting it mildly. But after a divorce, an arrest and a highly publicized national anthem flop, the musical mom-of-one is moving on. In a new interview with US magazine, the talented star of The Voice talks divorce, motherhood, and finding new love.

On her divorce from Jordan Bratman: “It was really hard, but if you stay in a marriage where the two parties are unhappy, then you’re doing your child a disservice. It’s better to have two houses full of love than one of chaos. I grew up in a household where domestic violence occurred and the greatest gift for me, as a child, was the day my parents got divorced. [Aguilera has often been frank about her father hitting her mother.] The key to having a happy child is having a happy parent. Kids are like sponges: They take on everything.”

On how her 3-year-old son Max gets along with her new boyfriend Matt Rutler, who lives with them: “Matt and Max! It’s like M&M! They’re buddies. If my son didn’t sit well with him, then I wouldn’t sit well with him. Matt’s someone he can have fun with and have some laughs with. And ultimately, my son’s happiness is really important. But I’m not looking for anyone to come in and fill the perfect family white-picket-fence. Me and my little boy are a great team, and Matt has been such a great support.”

On Max having a famous Mommy: “He’s learning that he’s got to share Mommy’s attention a bit. We’ll be going through the parks at Disneyland and people come up for autographs and he gets very protective. If someone tries to shake my hand or put their arm around me, he’ll say, ‘Don’t touch my Mommy!’”

On what she loves about Matt: “His sincerity – and the fact that he’s so easygoing. There’s never any drama. We recently took a vacation to Florida and went mini-golfing. We just have fun together. Things are light and free – and I’m a free spirit, so it’s important for me to have someone who supports me living my life and letting me be the woman I need to be…”

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  1. Anonymous

    Funny you used to say the same about Jordan she still has yet to explain why she filed for divorce she wants to make Jordan look bad not her. She didn’t explain why she drinks all the time now is that also important how she conducts herself as a mother

  2. Anonymous

    I think she’s confusing being a “happy” mom with being a “selfish” mom. Yes, the parent needs to be happy and fulfilled to care for the child but the parent does not need to immediately MOVE IN her brand new boyfriend, while the child is still dealing with the parent’s separation, just so she can have someone in her bed at night. Selfish.

  3. Anonymous

    the problem with a lot of people is that they are never satisfied with what they have…when she means she’s unhappy, it translates to “I’m bored with this guy” already. Do everyone a favor, Christina, and never ever get married. You have an attention span of a 8 year old.

  4. Anonymous

    Incredible how harsh everyone is. While I don’t agree that she DUI arrest was a completely irresponsible move and cohabitating with the new boyfriend isn’t the brightest idea either, no one has any idea why she and Bratman divorced. Instead of assuming it was because of something SHE did, how about giving consideration to the possibility that maybe HE had something to do with it as well? Maybe he was abusive, either physically or verbally, and she doesn’t want to drag his name through the mud. Maybe he cheated. People can only speculate. But obviously, Christina has done some major downsliding since the divorce – both behaviorally and the obvious major weight gain – which both indicate that she is having emotional difficulty with the split. That does not look like someone who was just selfish and happily moved on. I am SO glad I am not a celebrity, to have my life scrutinized and have people make asinine and often false ASSumptions about me. Try offering the kind of consideration you’d want for yourself. It’s real easy to judge from behind a computer screen.

  5. Anonymous

    Some of us get tired of her continous lies maybe we don’t know for sure what happened however the proof is in the photos, she did move on fast. i don’t see Jordan pictured with anyone but taking his son to the park, he is hardly ever photo’d with the nanny he takes care of business himself. Christina is weak, relies on assistants, can’t even drive herself, has the nanny everywhere with her. People wld have respected more if she divorced and stayed single without relying on a man which she always “claims” in songs and interviews

  6. Anonymous

    Well I’m not the biggest fan of Christina but, I think she is doing great. No one is perfect and people shouldn’t be sooooooo quick to judge someone. I think they look great together and since it’s her life…. SO BUTT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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