Sarah Jessica Parker & James: Walkin’ In The Warm Weather

Sarah Jessica Parker & James: Walkin' In The Warm Weather

Sarah Jessica Parker and her son James Wilkie did their usual stroll to school on Friday morning (June 10).

The two dressed appropriately for the warm weather. The actress wore a black bra under a white tank while James had on a more colorful assemble of shorts and a tee.

Earlier this week Parker helped celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Broadway show Annie. At the event she talked about her experience on playing the iconic orphan as a child.

She recalled, “I remember particularly feeling very lucky because I knew there were lots of little girls all across the country that would love to be doing what I was doing.”

She also said that she still sings songs from the show to her twin 23-month-old daughters Loretta and Tabitha. Their particular favorites are “Maybe” and “Tomorrow.”

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Question for NYC moms

    If you take the celebrity element out of the equation, isn’t it a bit weird that an 8 year old needs someone to walk himself to school? Do non-celebs in NYC walk their 8 year olds? Is NYC really that dangerous?

    When I was 8, I was walking OTHER kids to school, but then I didn’t live in “big,bad” NYC.

    • Grace

      I wouldn’t let my 8-year-old walk to school by themselves and I don’t live in a big city.

      What I find odd about this picture is that it’s June 10th and he’s still in school. That seems awfully far into the summer to still be going to school.

      • Anonymous

        I think an 8 year old should be able to walk to school by themselves as long as they live within reasonable walking distance. No, I’m not the famed “Free Range Kids” mom, but some of what she advocates makes sense.

        I remember still being in school at the end of June, have things changed that much since the “old” days?

        • Grace

          The end of June? Really. I went to school in the 80s and we got out the very beginning of June, usually the 1st or the 2nd.

      • Janna

        Kids in NY schools got to school until the 3rd week of June.

      • Anonymous

        My kids don’t get out until June 24th, so not so odd to me. It’s different everywhere I think

      • Lioness

        Grace, I grew up in NY, and the school year there (and in the Northeast in general) typically finishes at the end of June. The school year also starts later than much of the country, as well- typically a few days after Labor Day.

  • Janna

    I wouldn’t let an 8-year old cross any NYC street alone.

  • Anonymous

    Question for NYC moms@ My mom didn’t let me when I live in NY and on the rear occasions she did it which was like twice it was with a group of other kids and we had to stick together but it depends on the parent, child and how faraway the school is.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks! :)

  • Anonymous

    Grace @ It’s not odd to be in school on June 10th I live in PA and kids are still in school and my sister lives in California and her kids are still in school both here and CA were my sister live get out next week.

  • Anonymous

    To Question for NYC moms – I don’t know many people who let their 8 year olds walk to school regardless of the city they live in. A lot of kids go to school in June and in many states too. You also mentioned when you were 8, you were walking other kids to school – I guess you didn’t have a mother that cared because 8 is on the young side to walk alone.

    • Lioness

      “I guess you didn’t have a mother that cared because 8 is on the young side to walk alone.”

      Oh, come on, uncalled for. At 8, I was walking to and from school with my 7-year-old sister- by ourselves and with other kids. It was a short, easy walk, and my mother trusted us to know what to do. Part of raising children is teaching them independence. Parents who CARE know that.

  • Anonymous

    I started walking to school alone with my schoolmate/neighbour when I was seven…Or, so I thought. As it turned out, my father always tailed us a block or so back to make sure we were safe! Oh, how I love my papa! 😉

  • Anonymous

    It’s funny because in Canada kids go to school until the end of June (I think it’s the 29th this year) and are usually back to school the first or second week of September. I don’t know how the American school system pulls off giving kids 3 months of summer vacation really… That’s a MONTH more than they do in Canada. How does that work out!? Lol

    • Grace

      Kids don’t get three full months here, they go back to school sometime between early and mid-August.

  • Anonymous

    Is there something wrong with walking a kid to school, even if they don’t “need” to be accompanied? Maybe, I don’t know, it’s a chance to spend some time with her son? It’s unbelievable how no matter what celebs do, someone will criticize. If James had been photographed alone, no doubt there would be comments that he was being neglected, sent off to fare for himself while his parents only care about themselves.

  • SMH

    An 8 year old walking to school in NYC…hell no!! In a quiet suburban town where everyone knows everyone and kids schools are really close to their houses….maybe. But even then I don’t think I’d be 100% comfortable. It’s not that you can’t always trust your kids but you can’t always trust others!!

    All of my nephews get out of school June 16th. Not uncommon at all.

  • Audrey

    When I was a kid unless we were in a group my parents wouldn’t allow us to walk to school alone until middle school. And our school was about 4 blocks away.

    Our schools in Ok. are out but they will start back in Aug.

  • Sophia

    I would definitely not send an 8-year-old off to school on his own in New York! No way! And like Anon 10:32 said, it’s also some nice time for SJP to spend with James (well, it would be if there weren’t cameras constantly in their faces). I think it’s gorgeous that they walk hand-in-hand to school every day. And, being in NYC at the moment, I secretly kinda wish I would pass them one morning 😉

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