Rachel Zoe’s Salon Son

Rachel Zoe's Salon Son

Peek-a-boo, Skyler!

New mom Rachel Zoe had her sweet son Skyler, 2 months, with her as she stopped by a nail salon in Beverly Hills, California today (June 14).

This is the second time we’ve spotted the celebrity stylist and her babe recently – last week the pair were seen doing some shopping at Petit Tresor baby boutique.

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • smiley

    you can smell those nail shops from down the street……..and she took her baby in there??

  • ZaraB

    Eek – all those fumes around a newborn!

  • Courtney

    Rachel Cares more about her looks than the health of her baby boy who will be 3 months next thursday the 23rd

  • Anonymous

    not where i would take a baby or young child…gag! especially if you have child care and can leave him home…fume free! this woman is ridiculously annoying!!!

    • Anonymous

      Forget going to a nail salon and a communal one at that, why not have the esthetician come to her? Even people of more modest means can afford that.

      • Anonymous

        That would be too obvious. Maybe she’s a cheapskate. Or maybe they only offer mani-pedis on a “communal” basis. If it’s the latter, that’s pretty pathetic for Hollywood/Bev. HIlls.

  • Angela

    That baby is so tiny!!!

  • Be

    I was going to say the same thing. I’d be careful around the fumes/chemicals they have there. He’s adorable.

  • Sophia

    The nanny couldn’t take the baby for half an hour while she got her nails done? Seriously, I totally get that she would want to have Skyler with her as much as she can, but wouldn’t she also want her tiny baby to, I dunno, maybe not breathe in toxic fumes? Just a thought.

  • Victoria

    Plenty of woman take their babies and children to the nail salons, and no not every nail salong is filled with noxious fumes.

  • Anonymous

    Rachel was wearing humanous heels shile pregnant…now she takes a tiny baby to a public place and let him smell hemicals…she looks sick and hungry
    for some calories-food..Not much brain…she shleps this baby everywhere…

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