Jennifer Lopez & Twins: Paris Pals

Jennifer Lopez & Twins: Paris Pals

Singer/actress/TV host Jennifer Lopez was photographed with her 2-year-old twins, Max and Emme, along with her mother Guadalupe and others in Paris, France on Thursday (June 16). The group played on the carousel and swings at the Parc Monceau. The adorable tots enjoyed some new toys as mom and grandma had a great time with the sweet duo.

We just spotted J.Lo and her entourage landing in London prior to Jen’s performance at Summertime Ball.

After just completing a successful season on American Idol, Jenny From The Block recently said she’s “on the fence” about returning next year.

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  • Nina D.

    Max looks like he’s quite a handful, while Emme’s the more well behaved one.

    • NYC Mommy

      Nina D- I was thinking the same thing… Max has a HUGE case of the terrible twos. In the picture of him with bodyguard (I am assuming) he has his whole body in tantrum mode.

  • Anonymous

    How nice for JLo to bring her kids and 42 people entourage to Paris.she’s so low key

    • Anonymous

      JLO’s always been about ostentatious, conspicuous wealth and everything about her is ‘over the top’ — how she lives, what she wears, etc. It’s important to note that she doesn’t pretend otherwise “Oh, I’m so tired because I’m such a hands on mom”…and there’s nothing wrong with that.

      • Anonymous

        Totally agree with the last comment and just because she is honest enough to enjoy her bling, doesn’t mean she loves her children any less.

  • Jennifer Redgrave

    I think this dress is not the best to take your kids to the park! I’d rather wear it in a party or even in a Award.
    And Emme seems to be very close to her mom.

    • Anonymous

      Obviously she had no problem wearing it to the park, so what do you care?

  • Anonymous

    Look more like 3yrs old than 2yrs old to me (as a matter of fact I do know they are almost 40 months)

  • Anonymous

    Looks just like dad unfortunately.

  • Elle

    Emme is so sweet and cute!!! I think they’re cute but Max is definitely more terrible!
    They’re 3 years old, not 2!

  • Anonymous

    Jennifer Redgrave @ The thing is she not running after her kids she has her mother and the help do the running for her.

    • Anonymous

      Jenny’s is making sure that her family and friends, who are her entourage, are well compensated! Her Mother I am sure loves being apart of caring for grands and traveling and just seeing family do well! The family members and employees at any level are not critical, just people who can not accept the concept that you work to build a career to be financially successful! And in this economy, your wealth is never safe! You have to keep building wealth because you spend it to have the life you want!

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