Naomi Watts & Sasha’s Stroll

Naomi Watts & Sasha's Stroll

Actress Naomi Watts and her son, Alexander ‘Sasha‘ Schreiber, were photographed in the Tribeca area of New York City today (June 22). The adorable boy, who turns 4 next month, took a ride while mom pushed the stroller.

We just spotted the entire Watts-Schreiber clan – including papa Liev Schreiber and lil’ bro Kai, 2 – enjoying sunny SoHo last weekend.

Naomi is set to light up the big screen in four upcoming films: Dream House, The Impossible, Movie 43, and J. Edgar.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News / / Flynet


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  1. CMD

    Omigosh she looks like Sienna Miller here. When I first glNced at the photo , I thought, “WHOSE child is Sienna pushing in a stroller?!” ;)

    The boy’s still a little boy, if not in size. If he’s tired, he’s got to be “transported” somehow. Naomi can’t carry him everywhere. My daughter’s only 18-mos, but I would NOT be able to carry her everywhere/all day long/several hours…And she’s only 27 lbs, not whatever an average 4-yr old would weigh. I haven’t looked that far yet into the future, lol! Now, if Sascha were sucking on a pacifier at this age, I’d wonder…

  2. Felicity

    Aww He’s so cute and blond and in this pictures he looks a lot like Naomi.

  3. Felicity

    He’s so cute. But seriously he’s 2 old to be in a stroller. He almost 4 years old. But that’s how she is raising him. It’s her manner, not mine.

    • beekeeper

      I guess you’ve never lived or visited NYC with a young child.

      • Joya

        Gosh why do you have to make a fuss about it. It’s just a comment and it’s her opinion. Just leave her alone. Jeez. If she thinks this child is 2 old for a stroller than you should leave her alone and actually I agree with her because other kids like the children of Marcia Cross or Tori Spelling you don’t see often in a stroller.
        Btw leave me alone it’s my opinion.

        • Anonymous

          And just because it’s an opinion doesn’t mean it can’t be criticized. If you can’t handle that, don’t make comments in a public forum.

        • Anonymous

          The other celebs you mentioned live in LA – not exactly a “walkable” city, people drive everywhere. When you see them walking, they are walking to their SUV. In NYC, even celebs walk everywhere, therefore it’s entirely reasonable for a toddler or preschooler to be in a stroller if it’s a long walk.

  4. SMH

    Well all I’m gonna say is 4 yrs old isn’t “too old” to be in a stroller!! If a child appears to fit as it seems he pretty much does then who cares! I’d much rather push a child then end up having to hold him.
    My cousin lives in Queens. When I was visiting her a few years ago her daughter was almost 5 and we took her in a stroller around the city. It was so much easier bc there are just too many people and too many distractions! Better safe then sorry!

  5. Davinia

    Yeah yeah just make up a fuss everyone and don’t make comments about Naomi watts. Keep going you guys. PA-THE-TiC!!

  6. Gladys

    Cute kid

  7. Rebecca

    Wow, you guys should know better than to post such immature garbage.
    “Shut up!” “No, YOU shut up!” “JEEZ!”

    For those of you saying that he is too big for the stroller at four years of age: ever thought that SASHA was tired and WANTED to ride in the stroller? Maybe his mom wanted to make him safer in the busy NYC streets. Especially now that it’s summer, it’s crazy with all the people and cars all over the place. Most importantly, this child looks comfortable, not like he is spilling out of a stroller that’s way too small for him. If the shoe fits, wear it!

    Now what I actually meant to comment on in the first place: Sasha is adorable and grown up so much! And it’s lovely to see him having one on one time with his mother.


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