Jennifer Lopez & Twins: Disneyland Darlings

Jennifer Lopez & Twins: Disneyland Darlings

Pop star Jennifer Lopez and her 3-year-old twins Max and Emme were photographed at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif. on Saturday (June 25). The group, who were joined by their extended family, went on a few rides including Dumbo and had some yummy snacks and lollipops.

According to papa Marc Anthony, lollipops are very helpful with their potty training techniques. “Every time they use their potty we give them a lollipop,” Marc said. “Then a few days passed and we ran out of lollipops. I’m like ‘You should probably get them checked out if they’re using the potty that much.'”

Speaking of potty training, Marc added,

[Max] had an accident in the pool and it got into the filter system and they charged us to clean it. That was expensive. He took a $6,000 dump in the pool.”

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • hailei_2007

    I don’t think Max is going to enjoy this story being told in the pres, when he grows up :)) It’s a funny story though 😛

  • Anonymous

    She’s only bringing those kids out because she read on the blogs about what a negligent mother she was and still is.

    • Anonymous 2

      What makes you think she reads these blogs? And if she does read them, that she cares what anyone says on them?

  • Anonymous

    Ok that was an unnecessary info on the kid’s ‘accident’. But fine.

  • Tazina

    TMI definitely on the pool incident. I have never read that Jennifer is a negligent mother. I suspect she is actually a very good mother, but someone as famous as she is can expect malicious gossip no matter what she does.

  • Anonymous

    Where’s Marc?

  • Anonymous

    I Have never seen Marc with his children like other dads.

  • Greta

    Hey Jennifer,
    You look awesome for someone who is over 40 (and who doesn’t lie about their age, I might add). Care to share some tips with Rachel Zoe? (Other than eating – I think we got that one covered:))

  • Anonymous56

    I hope Marc hasn’t forgotten about his other kids because they were still pretty young. With his kids living in Miami Florida and he and JOL living in LA and traveling all the time it must be hard for them to see their dad.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! They are Marc’s mini-me’s.

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