Alicia Silverstone: Bear Blu Is “Really Calm”

Alicia Silverstone: Bear Blu Is "Really Calm"

Actress Alicia Silverstone introduces her baby boy Bear Blu in the pages of the new issue of US magazine. (You can get a sneak peek of the beautiful mom and son on the Web site.)

Born on May 5 with a full head of hair – “crazy amounts,” mom reveals – little Bear has so far been a “really calm” baby.

Alicia, 34, admits that she and her newborn babe are just now coming out of hibernation, saying, “I didn’t leave the house at all for six weeks after his birth. I wanted to soak in every moment of his scrumptiousness.”

The author of The Kind Diet adds that her husband Christopher Jarecki is also enjoying these early days of parenthood.

“We all take baths together sometimes,” she says.

Congratulations again to Alicia and family on their new arrival!

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Anonymous

    What a sweet little face! Adorable! Crazy name, but cute baby boy!

  • megan

    I’m amazed that she was able to stay at home for 6 weeks after the birth — I would have gone starkers!!! But then again, she probably has a huge home and lots of space outdoors to wander around.

    • Anon

      Omg- this has to be one of the most idiotic selfish comments ever on this board. 6 weeks with her child would kill you? Some great priority there.

      • Anonymous

        Yikes, your comment is a little over the top, don’t you think? Who pi$$ed in your cornflakes?

      • anonymous

        She didn’t say that 6 weeks with her child would kill her. She said that staying at home for 6 weeks would be tough. I happen to agree 100%. Not leaving my house for over a month would be unbearable for me as well. Just because I can’t spend all of my time pent up and need to be out and about in the world every once in a while does not make me selfish.

        • megan

          Thanks for “getting it”, anonymous 10:27. I felt it was a fairly innocuous comment, but for some reason it struck a nerve with our friend. Celebrities live in a much different world from the rest of us and although there are things we can empathize with in terms of life experiences (childbirth, anyone?), it’s silly to take comments on a celeb site so personally as the other poster did.

        • Anonymous

          You keep trying to convince yourself of this and to he** with your selfish guilt. Your poor kid.

          • anonymous

            Man, someone’s panties are a little too tight.

          • Anonymous

            No, I think we’re dealing with someone with “issues”. Hope she gets out of her basement and seeks some help.

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