The Stefani-Rossdales Take Zuma For A Doctor’s Visit

The Stefani-Rossdales Take Zuma For A Doctor's Visit

Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale and their boys Zuma, 2, and Kingston, 5, were seen leaving a clinic in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Monday (June 27). Little Zuma, who was carried by the nanny, probably had a doctor check up on his broken arm.

The family then headed to Cuvee Wine & Bistro for lunch.

Meanwhile, Gavin is getting ready to go on tour with his band Bush.

He recently wrote on Twitter: “Gearing up for rehearsals and finishing up some extra tracks for the record—“

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  • Anonymous

    Adorable kids with such great style :) but….
    Why do you need a nanny when both parents are present??

    • stella

      Because the nanny probably knows more about the kids’ health than the parents and would be in a better position to answer the doc’s questions.

    • amazing grace

      Operative word here is “need”. When you are a multi-millionaire (albeit a self-indulgent, lazy one) it’s more about “wants” vs. “needs”.

  • Anonymous56

    The nanny seems to have her hands full with Zuma and Kingston one would think that she was there by herself instead of Gwen and Gavin being their also.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous, welcome to the world of the Stefani family where at least one nanny is an absolute must at all times. The more mundane and basic the activity, the more likely they will need a nanny. Going out for a family meal at a restaurant? Gotta bring the nanny. Heading over to the playground as a family of 4 – no way, we need a nanny, what if I get a text, we need SOMEONE to supervise the kids.

    • candy

      That’s why they pay her the big bucks ;).

  • Elizabeth

    I’m sorry, but Gwen and Gavin strolling hand in hand while the nanny has Zuma and Kingston? Something is not right… Jen Garner, could you please school Gwen?

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately, there’s little Jen can do :) – It’s less about know-how than inclination. Some people are natural “hands-on” parents no matter how busy they are with careers, commitments, etc., and others are not. Even if Gwen is “off the clock”, she never goes anywhere without a nanny. God forbid, a diaper might need to be changed or someone decides to run off and not listen…

  • I.

    She looks pregnant, what do you think?

    • Anonymous

      Hey I., I think you’re out of your mind. She doesn’t look pregnant at all

    • Anonymous

      Why don’t you post your picture and we’ll guess if YOU are pregnant. Rude.

  • Elizabeth

    Gwen and Gavin: Ah what a lovely day for a stroll, wait, aren’t we forgetting something? Where is the nanny?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    You people are nothing but a bunch of jealous haters. Why don’t you all get a life and stop letting Gwen’s consume yours.

    • Anonymous

      Who said they hated Gwen? Get over yourself, please. Looking through the comments, people have only pointed out the obvious. What’s it to you anyway?

    • Anonymous

      Talk about the pot calling the kettle(s) black. You are the one letting her life consume yours if you are so personally put out by any negative comments.

  • Daneen

    When I first saw this photo, I was like, “Why is Chelsea Handler babysitting Kingston and Zuma?” LOL.

  • Anonymous

    Just yesterday, I managed the monumental task of taking BOTH my girls to the doctor ALL BY MYSELF! Husband working, nanny…well, I can’t find my nanny….I must be amazing!

    • Anonymous

      OMG, Anonymous, you deserve a medal big time ;). And if this task involved putting uncooperative kids into carseats, I’ll throw in a badge of honour too. Bending or heavy lifting gets you a spa day.

      Ironic isn’t it how Ms Stefani complains about how busy she is with her kids and how chronically sleep deprived she is. Poor soul.

      • NYC Mommy

        Anonymous at 11:32 pm…. As a mom with some older kids I will give you a tip about putting uncooperative kids in carseats.. A gentle karate chop behind the legs makes them bend and with one quick move they can be in car seats. I used that one for years and past it on to many friends and family members. :)

        • Anon

          Charming, you must be so proud.

          • NYC Mommy

            How did I know that I would get that type of reply.

            Yes I am proud… My kids are honor roll students, athletes and well behaved and have home training. As I mentioned it was a gentle karate chop to back of legs… I dont beat my kids but could also take 2 or 3 kids places without a nanny, a mother in law or a mom for help.

            It is a easy trip that works with toddlers that have their legs straight and will not bend them and NO IT DOES NOT HURT THEM… If you had kids you should know exactly what I am talking about.

          • amazing grace

            NYC Mommy- Don’t waste your time responding to hostile trolls. I for one enjoy your comments. You are one of precious few on this site who seems to have some intelligence!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          Thanks, NYC Mommy!! Hey, you haven’t posted in a while. Nice to have you back :)

  • NYC Mommy

    Amazing Grace and anonymous 5:03pm… thanks so much for the support. I am actually very leery to post on blogs because many people are so quick to jump down your throat and name call. Unfortunately it gets my Irish up and I have to respond (which can make matters worse…)

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