Gwyneth Paltrow & Kids: Porto Cervo Cuties

Gwyneth Paltrow & Kids: Porto Cervo Cuties

Academy Award-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow enjoyed some window shopping with her two children – daughter Apple, 7, and son Moses, 5 – along with acclaimed director Steven Spielberg on Saturday (July 9) in Porto Cervo, Italy. Gwyneth’s husband, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, will likely join his family on their vacation after the band’s performance in Scotland.

The day before, Gwyn and the kids enjoyed some fun in the sun. The 38-year-old mother of two rocked a red bikini on Steven’s £200million pound yacht, the Seven Seas. Hot mama!

Last weekend, we spotted Spielberg holidaying with wife Kate Capshaw, step-daughter Jessica Capshaw and her adorable children.

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  • Anonymous

    Apple is a really weird looking girl.. *shutters*

    • Anonymous

      If you dont have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. I mean come on she’s a little girl. Be nice.

    • Anonymous

      What is wrong with you? Why make comments like this? Does it make you feel better about yourself?

      And you can’t even get your insults correct. “Shutters” are things you put on your windows. The obnoxious word you are looking for is “shudders.”

    • Anonymous

      Seriously? Calling a child weird looking? Talk about immature!

  • Anonymous

    I have a question about the pic where Gwyneth is holding the wine glass. What is going on with her stomach (bloated and round with definition only at the side but not in the center). This isn’t a dig. Just a question. I noticed that a lot of women in hollywood have stomachs like that (heidi klum, julie bowen). Is this the result of childbirth? Or is it due to being skinny and working out excessively. I’m curious.

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s a result of childbirth. Some women have a rounded uterus as a result of carrying a child; not all women but most I think.

  • Anonymous

    Apple is a odd looking child, she is not cute.

    • Devyn

      You should spend some time studying the rules of grammar. Making harsh remarks about the way an innocent child face is sad, but to do so using bad grammar proves what kind of person you are.

  • Jennie

    That guy behind Gwenyth looks like Steven Speilberg

    • Ava

      That is Steven Spielberg, I think he is Gwyneth’s godfather — he is something to her anyway, he cast her in Hook as Wendy, it was one of her earlier roles.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t like Gwyneth, clicked over just to see if that was Steven Spielberg!

  • Anonymous

    I think Apple is very beautiful, I don’t understand what about her is “weird”?
    Moses is cute,too:)

  • skylar

    Well I think Apple is a pretty little girl. I just hate her name.

  • anon3

    apple is gorgeous! not even the slightest bit odd looking- you’re way off

  • nicoleC

    Almost never see Chris with them ….

  • Allie

    We NEVER see her with her husband!!!!!!!

  • bookjunkie

    I think Apple is beautiful and will be a stunner when she grow up. She has her dad’s far apart eyes which is a feature I’ve always loved.

    I think the name Apple suits her as she had this sweetness about her. Love her flowy dress too.

  • Anonymous

    Devyn, this is nothing grammatically wrong with the poster’s comment as you stated. It seems you are upset with the fact Apple is indeed an odd looking child with eyes that tend to look in different directions.

    • GrammarGirl

      Well now this is funny. Actually Devyn was correct in stating that the grammar was incorrect. It should have been “is an” rather than “is a”. But that is not the funny part. The funny part is that you need help with your grammar as well. Try “, there is nothing” rather than “, this is nothing”. Makes me think you might be the original poster who did not like being called out for your rude manners . . . perhaps?

  • Let’s be Real

    Correct or incorrect grammar, I believe the point has been made that Apple is not a pretty looking child. There is not anything wrong with saying a child is not cute or pretty, everyone is entitled to their opinions. I find it very hilarious that people can rave about how beautiful celebrity kids are even if they aren’t but stating the opposite often the truth it’s a crime. It’s laughable and ridiculous.

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