Kyra Sedgwick Is Looking Forward To Grandchildren

Kyra Sedgwick Is Looking Forward To Grandchildren

With her TNT show The Closer now in its 7th and final season, actress Kyra Sedgwick says it’s a bittersweet ending. The mom-of-two – she and Kevin Bacon have kids Travis, 22, and Sosie, 19 – talks to Parade magazine about how she plans to fill her time: With date nights, knitting and (she hopes!) grandkids.

On her new found free time: “I look forward to grandchildren because I think that will be my hobby, but that’s probably not going to happen for a long time. Hopefully, I’ll take up knitting or something when I’m not working.”

On Sunday mornings: “I like to read the paper; it’s my time to catch up with the world. Ideally I have brunch with my husband and kids. Sundays are hard because I grew up in a divorced family, and sometimes the day was about going to the other home, which was always sort of confusing. I can still get what I call Sunday-itis.”

On having an empty nest: “There’s something to waking up and thinking, ‘What am I doing today?’ instead of, ‘How can I squeeze in what I need to do around their schedules?’ But hearing my kids walk through the front door saying hello is still the best sound to me.”

On how she and Kevin spend a perfect date night: “Um … what do you think? [laughs] We like to be alone together, and then go out to dinner. I really love to talk about thoughts and feelings. That never gets old.”

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