Jennifer Garner & Her Girls Shop At Books & Cookies

Jennifer Garner

Sweet girls!

Jennifer Garner took Violet, 5, and Seraphina, 2, out to Books and Cookies in Santa Monica, Calif. on Tuesday (July 12). It was a successful trip for the cuties! When they came out of the store, the actress held a shopping bag full of goodies.

Jennifer has a busy year ahead career wise. She has two films coming out in 2012 called Backroads and Better Living Through Chemistry.

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  • Let’s be Real

    And a nanny, she didn’t come along for the outing??!!

  • Nina D.

    I can’t believe how tall Violet is/long her legs are! She really hit a huge growth spurt! <3

  • Jeannie

    Books and Cookies! Two of my favorite things. This store sounds like heaven.

  • noneedtoknow

    Coco is so cute!!! She dresses and represents all a little should be these days

    • noneedtoknow

      I meant Violet

  • noneedtoknow

    Sorry! I meant Violet is so cute!! she represents how little girls should dress and be like perfectly

  • anonymous

    I hate to put down Jen as she is one of my favorite celeb moms but I find it a little unfortunate that the nanny is there with them. This could be a sweet mother/daughter trip for 3 to the book store but the nanny has to come along?

    • Anonymous

      i know. celebs these days.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, I’m surprized Jen doesn’t go out without a bodyguard too like many celebs do. I mean if Kate Gosslin needs one…. byw I envy the girls their (probable) height. Violet looks as tall as 7 year old Apple Martin. Sera is tall for her age also. They are going to be some gorgeous, tall girls!

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous, you have to admit that although Jen obviously employs a nanny, she isn’t pictured with them that much when they are out and about. While I am not a fan of Jen’s acting, it’s indisputable that she is an awesome, loving mom who is constantly doing things with her kids one on one WITHOUT a nanny there 24/7.

      As many people have pointed out in previous posts, Gwen Stefani is an example of someone who seems helpless without a nanny — she has one with her all the time even when her husband is there.

  • Anonymous

    Those kids will be probably close to 6 feet tall given the height of both parents. Not great for girls :(

  • Tazina

    There’s nothing wrong with the Nanny being there. This way both girls get to go out and the Nanny can amuse little Seraphina while Jen spends one-on-one time with Violet looking at books. Later, Mom can switch with the Nanny and look at books suitable for Sera. Afterwards they can ALL go for a cookie treat. It’s win-win. Why not find the positive scenario rather than complaining about a situation you know nothing about.

    • Scooter

      Nicely said. Well done. There is nothing wrong with having a nanny, and JG is a very hands-on mommy. How many moms were able to take their kids to the bookstore today? Give her a break.

  • Kai

    It’s a problem because she is portrayed and acknowledged as ms. supermom! She has brought along a nanny for a useless outing and a ridiculous amount of kids just like every other celebrity everyone seems to*b*itch about, double standard needless to say.

    I guess she isn’t supermom after all just another celebrity mom with a lot of money with a lazy parenting attitude.

    • Anonymous

      Kai, no one is “super” mom, but she does come pretty close. Usually, she goes out without a nanny and a whole entourage (like certain celebs) and genuinely seems to like spending time with her kids. Maybe she had the nanny booked for the day and her other commitments were re-scheduled at the last minute.

  • Anonymous

    Anon 5:51, Garner has brought along a nanny for a useless reason that doesn’t differ from most celebs who bring along a nanny. No one can, nor does Garner come close to being super-mom because there is no such thing. I believe some celebrity parents are a lot more hands on than others whether it’s for show/cameras or genuinely.

    I just find it quite funny that Garner is pictured out n about with her nanny when she only has two kids.

    • Anonymous

      Your post is incoherent and contradictory. Take a nap &/or sober up and review the other posts before posting gibberish.

  • Anonymous

    ^ Wow, you seem to be taking this a little too personal and serious. Is that you Jennifer?!! Have you been caught off guard on your A-game, the usual photo-ops?

  • Anonymous

    I think we have a JG troll. I hope it’s not that creepy guy that was stalking them. Eww.

    • Anonymous

      I think we have someone with a screw loose – you. Get a life and go back to school so you can get out of your mom’s basement.

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