Pete Wentz Takes On The School Run

Pete Wentz Takes On The School Run

Pete Wentz shared a smile with his gorgeous boy Bronx Mowgli today as the pair, along with a friend, headed home after school in Los Angeles, California (July 21).

Two-year-old Bronx was looking especially adorable, toting a Yoda lunch box to match his black and neon green Nike high tops. He’s getting so big!

Though the news of Pete’s split from Bronx’s mom Ashlee Simpson surprised just about everyone earlier this year, both are rumored to have moved on already. Ashlee is reportedly dating Empire Boardwalk star Vincent Piazza while Pete was recently spotted on a lunch date with former flame Michelle Trachtenberg.

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Camila

    Loved his lunch box!

    • Anonymous

      You can find his Yoda lunchbox at Old Navy. They have toy story and cars among others.

  • Anonymous

    “School Run”???? Is he a child prodigy? I think you mean daycare. At a bare minimum, you have to be potty trained to go to school – teachers don’t change diapers, even in a legitimate preschool.

    • Daniella

      He could be going to preschool, I started preschool a few months after I turned 2 since I had been potty-trained by about 18 months & didn’t have to worry about “accidents” by the time I started attending. Personally, I’ve never heard of preschools that accept un-potty-trained children, but I guess that could differ from place to place or region to region.

      On a side note, awesome lunchbox! I kinda want one for myself.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not daycare but PRESCHOOL. Some preschools allow kids in diapers but Bronx is potty trained.

  • Anonymous

    that child is like, abnormally large for his age. my daughter is the same age and in the normal rage for her age (right at 50% for height and 40% for weight) – and not even close to his size. kinda weird that he’s so big considering both sides of his ‘family’ are smaller framed people…

  • Anonymous

    the ‘friend’ is his sister.

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